Cubed Chaos' next season. Question for players.

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Should the new map type be the main map?

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  1. YES!

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  2. Lets make it donor only!

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    it shouldnt be fair if we are paying and they are not why should we be treated the same i get what you are saying but donors have less and less perks on the server they are slowly getting rid of them the majority of the kits are trash unless you are a high ranking donor
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  2. Honestly we want to create a cubed that is not over powered. You can play for days/weeks and not get bored.
    You don't get overpowered kits that instantly get you endgame stuff.
    We don't want overpowered crates with ridiculous enchants.

    We still want to give donors perks, so if you can help us create more donor perks without making them overpowered or breaking the game.
    Please leave a fair list.
  3. ok!
    /gm 1
    #PutAdminRankOnTheStore (we all know thats how dark got it anyway)

    That ^ is what I see when I see people asking for more donor perks.
    I don't know if anybody actually reads or cares about the Mojang EULA, but it says that you can't buy items on the server with real life money. You donated to the server to show your support for it, not to get an item that you will forget about within a week.
    The way a lot of people that are complaining about donor perks make it sound is as if they get nothing. If you want unlimited items for free, might I suggest a singleplayer creative world.

    For donor perks suggest stuff that gives an advantage but not an overpowering one. It should be something everyone can get, but not everyone will get. Make it something to help yourself but not ruin the game.
    Where's the fun in joining and within seconds having everything you will ever need? Like I said before, singleplayer creative worlds do that too.

    I think a good idea is currency boosters. When you sell something, say to a shop, I think that donors could get a little bit more money per quantity.

    The ability to buy commands with ingame money is something I would also really like to see, since it's not done on many other servers and gives a fair chance to everyone. It could tie in to the currency booster very well, since donors would get it more quickly, but not instantly.
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  4. I honestly have mixed feelings about this, If there is a mix between donors and non donors all the donors will be flying around like always taking all the resources on the map from the regular players. But on the other hand you could think about it the opposite, the regular players will in a way "ruin" not to offend anyone, the map by adding more scaffolding to go places that lets be honest... nobody likes to see.
    But my suggestions are kind of similar to some peoples.

    Keep fly. Fly is so pain relieving when you can zoom past those 5000 blocks or just exploring in general. If you don't like finding sea temples or whatever it is you do so easy with fly, just don't do it. Remember that one build you fell off of? Without fly you would have fallen and died and lost all your blocks and had to go get them then scaffold back up then remove the scaffolding after. It's just a pain to not have the ability to fly back up.

    Add an actual currency. This happens every season, people x-ray for diamonds or glitch them in or whatever they do ruining the currency at the beginning of every season making the rest of it boring.

    Buy land instead of land blocks. Honestly i think land blocks will cause too much problem like last season. After I found out how to duplicate them (Yes I admit to the start of this and i'm sorry) people were basically having land for free. What i'm saying is it might mess up again somehow in someway like things always do. If you could just by claimed land itself it would probably be easier. Also everyone hated those sponges everywhere.
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  5. Having fly takes out a lot of the fun from finding things. If you can fly and find 10 water temples in an hour, it doesn't mean anything to you. If you have to swim or use boats to find them however, you feel way more accomplished when it finally happens.
    I still don't think fly should be something donors get from the start: I stand by my idea of purchasing it in-game for a lot of currency.

    If there is a way to exchange items for currency this will happen anyway. There's always that person that finds a way to dupe money instead of items; it's not hard to do if you know what to try.

    I don't think there should be any price on land. I think how much land you get should be entirely based on your play time. I know this is possible because I played on a server that did this back in 2012. (The sponges were pretty terrible.)
  6. Narp no way one of the MAJOR reasons i bought mvp was for fly but i see your point their should be some kind of slow down
  7. I'm saying that based on your rank you could get a currency booster to let you get access to it more quickly. I don't think people should start out with it though; it really takes away from the experience.
    I said it a while ago: if you want to fly around and explore with endgame gear and never die, go into a creative world.
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  8. But buying it with real money shouldn't be it cause me getting mvp was a one thing only i cant buy anything else personal reasons
  9. Sorry Narp, but if people are spending $70+ on a server they should at least get fly, (I'm not advocating op items from the start, I completely agree with you there.)

    EDIT: maybe the solution to fly is only be able to use it on your own land.
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  10. I will echo what many have said. We are a small community, and I think that if we all are on the same map it will help get more folks interested in donating to the server and making the community vibrant. If you want to give donors perks, fine- that would be a carrot to become one. But, I like helping out the newbies too.
  11. I think the donors should have access to fly but based on your rank, you can get it easier (like what Narp said). But it should be bought with in-game money and not real money. For example, MVP's can get it at like 75,000 and MVP+'s 50,000 , etc. (only if they add in game currency). I completely agree that /fly takes way from the game play in the beginning, but since people are spending money for fly, it should be accessible later on.
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  12. donor only wins if you factor out the staff that voted
  13. Staff are players as well :p
  14. Can you guys bring Lone Survivor back.

    It was a good gamemode and i love it.

    And i'd love to see a second season of it renewed and all.

    So please read this and think about it.

  15. no
    i had more typed about why it should stay gone, but i think "no" sums it all up
  16. how big is the new map going to be
  17. Narp we need to keep fly for donating people so we can build easier what u can do is make a part of the land where u can fly and where u can't fly
  18. a lot of blocks x about the same number

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