Cubed Chaos' next season. Question for players.

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Should the new map type be the main map?

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  1. YES!

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  2. Lets make it donor only!

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  1. Hey guys! Welcome to 2017. We are gearing up to bring you guys a brand new season of Cubed Chaos!

    This brings me to a question, Ive been working on a new map, this map contains 300 new biomes, new fortresses, diffrent ore distribution, etc. overall, a different SMP experience.

    So, should this map be the main Cubed Chaos map? or a separate donor only world for Cubed Chaos ?
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  2. I dont wanna spoil any more of the next season's surprises, so im going to avoid talking about other features for this map.
    More details will come out soon ;)
  3. nice map
  4. Llamas
  5. Two seperate maps? sure.
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  6. I suggest making the new map donor only...consider it guys!
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    I personally think that this should be the main map for all players.


    As others have brought up if we were to make this a donor only map the community would be divided. Like Ordaine said we are a small community. We need to all stick together. I feel no use to go on and state what others have already pointed out. As I've said before I think we need to make this the map for all players. We need to unite the community not divide them. I think that this is a bad idea. An idea that will not end well.
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  8. I strongly agree that this should be a donator only thing
  9. I'd honestly like to see it just one server.
    It's nice when non donors and donors get to work together.

    I know some of you hate the randoms that come on and build a dirt hut or something and never log back in.
    That is a very easy fix. We can easily create a new rule that if it is a basic structure and hasn't been touched in a long period of time, it can be removed BY STAFF.

    Another point. Yes we are a small community. Wouldn't it be better to keep everyone together instead of splitting them between 2 smp's?
    The map is plenty big, with a wide variety of unique biomes to explore.
    I am pretty sure the map is big enough for everyone ;)

    Just my 2 cents though :p
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  10. when skyblock had the donor only Ultimate server even with that the public Forest server had all the players even the donors went there its much better having the community together that makes for more shops more towns and more public areas id much rather play a public server then a donor only
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  11. pay2win. jk. But really, if this was donor only then I would be upset since I cannot purchase anything on buycraft lul.
    I agree with Ordaine, Axmill, and Wolfie in that it should be public because everyone the community is going to be split and it won't be fun with less people.
  12. Great Map!

    I'm a donor, but I really think that this map should be for everyone, for the reasons Ordaine and Axmill have stated.
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  13. Can we please have the new Cubed be 1.11? With firework rockets and shulker boxes, the whole SMP gameplay has really been improved, I really want Nirvana to have that too.
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    I think that it should be donor only, because then it doesn't only encourage people to buy a rank, it also gives donators more privilages because I don't think ranked people are getting enough at the moment. And alot of other ranked people agree too. But then again, we all atleast have 1 friend without a rank. And since the Nirvana community has gotten a little smaller, the more people the better I guess. But at least try to give ranked people a better kit/ End access/ Alot of things non-donators cannot get easily.

    Some other ideas:
    Definatley bring back spawners!
    Keep in 'Keep Inventory'
    Try not to make a currency as for starting players, it is difficult to get started
    Plots at spawn?
    Much better kits for Donors
    A Warps to kill the wither
    If not too difficult, Custom Enchants?
    Get rid of crates (They are really pointless unless OP items)
    Try not to make it too Difficult/Easy
    Try to make it easier to find things like Water Temples
    If there is a currency,Buy land
    ^If not then be able to claim land/Protect blocks
    ./Rename items for donors
    Keep ./fly for donors

    Thankyall <3
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  15. I'll tell you what I disagree with:
    I think it should be much more difficult to get stuff this season.
    When you can fly around and keep your inventory on death and make massive spawner farms, it gets boring in about -14 seconds.
    Custom enchants are overdone and op.
    Spawn plots are just gross. They always end up looking terrible. I have yet to see a good looking one.
    There should really only be food and basic blocks in the kits.
    /fly makes everything far too easy

    I think an actual currency (/pay) would do well. It's difficult to get started, but it makes shops and things more accessible. A currency could also allow for rank boosters or something to keep donations from stopping.
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  16. Honestly I would love to see /repair have a currency cost. Be it a few diamonds or nuggets. Just so it isn't constantly spammed.
    Or add a reasonable cooldown.
  17. I didn't think about nuggets being the currency, but I do think it is a good idea rather than EssentialsEco or something.
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  18. From what I can see the new map looks amazing! I don't think that it should be donor only though, I do think it would be cool to have a donor only map. But that might split the community and make non-donors looked down on more. We should keep the community together, instead of forcing people to get a rank.

    Thats just what I think though.​
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  19. I believe the next cubed should be much harder. Im not suggesting no re spawns but more like no keep-inv, or maybe making it so hunger works at faster rates. Of course I don't think donors should get their own map.
  20. Make it all players I have friends who aren't donors it wouldn't be fair if i could play and enjoy the amazing map Wubs created but not the people i play with
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