Cubed Chaos Excitement! Happy Halloween!

Discussion in 'Cubed Chaos' started by Zan, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. Hi Everyone! I have progressed in my journey through the many challenges that this world puts me through! While enjoying the the great view of Vanilla Minecraft Survival with other players that I love to interact with as well. I will continue to build on my home to where everybody will enjoy!

    Now I want to ask you all on your opinion on what I should build in my base! Please state your opinions down below! I would really appreciate your thoughts and I will surely build it in to my home!
    What about you guys? What have you been building so far? Anything cool? Exciting? Interactive? Eye appealing? It would be great to express what you have been up to!

    Well it's one of those days once a year where you can dress up in a costume that you desire and get candy from the people around you! Yes! Halloween!
    What have you been doing for Halloween? Going out to Trick-or-Treat? Passing out candy? Having a blast at a party?
    I passed out candy and wore a costume that had half of my face as a mouth with teeth!
    What costume did you wear?
    Overall, I hope you everyone here had an amazing Halloween! Remember to be safe and don't eat candy that has suspicion in it!

    Have fun and don't forget that Trick in "Trick-or-Treat" :)
    Love you all!
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    Second, you should build in your base a giant billbo baggins.

    Btw I would like to see your base if you don't mind :)
  3. I know many people have built all sorts of pixel art at loads of bases, and any time is really cool so maybe try something like that.
    Also Happy Halloween :D
  4. Oh you need pixelart? I have found an AWESOME pumpkin pixelart in the server, if you see me on, tell me and I'll show you :)
  5. I think a big statue of me would look pretty good at your base :D
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  6. Mine as well
  7. I would definitely take that in to mind! Haha! Yes indeed! Next time when we meet! :)
  8. I was thinking about Pixel Art as well! I have to start on that Sheep Farm soon!
  9. Of Course it would!
  10. I wouldn't forget your statue as well! Haha!
  11. yay
  12. Build a MASSIVE hamster:p :) XD
  13. I don't celebrate Halloween but you should make smiley, Jeff the killer, scary things like a banana
  14. That is a great idea! Always believe!
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  15. Well I hope you had an amazing day then! Those are great and scary ideas! I will most likely put it into consideration!
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    • Thanks! ;) and make the illuminati lol and Ouija boards :)
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  16. I lnow something really scary: bananas
  17. Those are both scary! Haha!
  18. Now you're just being silly!
  19. me too :)

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