Crusade kit/kill streak suggestion thread

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  1. Please post all kit suggestions on this thread please using the provided layout, so the devs can view all the suggestions easier!

    kit suggestion layout:-
    * = optional

    Kit name: name of the kit
    Weapon/s: the weapon that the kit will have
    Amour: the amour the kit will have
    *Special ability: Any ability the kit will have e.g.Can double jump!
    level required: Required level to access the kit
    *Cost: Does the kit cost anything?
    *Extra info: Anything extra you can think of​

    kill streak suggestion layout:-
    * = optional

    Kill streak name: name of the kill streak
    Kill streak description: A small description of what the kill streak is/does
    kills needed: the amount of kills need to receive the kill streak
    *Extra info: Anything extra you can think of​

    Please attempt to keep your suggestions balanced. Any immature, Stupidly un-balanced kits or just damn right terrible suggestions will be deleted (Any opinion is up to the reviewer of the suggestion)
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  2. Like it dont know if its possible to do in game:p
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  3. Hm, I've seen other servers do things like that, I just wanted to try making a suggestion. Sorry if I made it hard .-.
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  4. Lol its no problem and i am not a dev so I got no clue what is possible.
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  5. It's been done :D
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  6. Yay thanks travja <3
  7. Kit name: Switchy McGee
    Weapon/s: "A Marker(snowball)," A Swapper (an eye of ender), and a stone sword with knock back I.
    Amour: As a special kit, this would have gold armor for balance.
    *Special ability: Switcheroo, this kit prides itself on its ability to swap places with a marked player, you would get a snowball and an eye of ender, you hit your enemy with the snowball and they become "marked." If you then right click your eye of ender, it will teleport them to where you were and teleport you to where they were.
    level required: Level 8 would be needed to unlock
    *Cost: Yes, it would be unlocked with ninja, at level 7, but cost 500 nuggets to unlock it for use whereas ninja is free to use.
    *Extra Info: This kit is built around tricky plays that only Maniacs or Tacticians could think of, or the occasional stealth player.
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  8. Would this be like a sniper kit :0
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  9. Yeah you could say that.
  10. I like this, because now if I want to run away I can switch away and I could actually get away for once xD, this is an amazing kit I hope it gets added!
  11. Provided you mark them first, your can swap with them and run the opposite way, it's a really interesting thing to think about. How many times would it come in handy, you could involuntarily tag team someone into a dog pile and run away if your at low health :D
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    Kit name: Inferno
    Weapon: Stone Sword
    Amour: Full Chainmail
    *Special ability: When right clicked it surrounds you and your enemies in a ring of fire
    level required: level 24
    *Cost: Free
    *Extra info: The recharge would take about 35 seconds
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  13. Name:
    Timoris Domini
    Description: The Master of Fear
    Level: 40
    Prestige: 0
    Rank: Default
    Armor: Helmet(chain), Chestplate(leather), Leggings(leather), Boots(leather)
    Weapon: Book, Emerald, and a stone sword
    Nightmare Mode:
    Upon entering this dark mode using the book you will blind and freeze all players around you in a ten block radius for 4 seconds, if you then attack one, it will give them wither and the temple guardian will flash on screen.
    Fear Meld:
    Upon using the Emerald you meld your fear with the target, allowing you to deal more damage to them, and them less to you, anyone outside of the connection will so 50% damage to the target and 200% damage to the person using the spell.
    Extra Info: This character can easily be overcome by multiple people, the User must kite or pick off separated players.
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  14. Name:
    Donald Duck
    Description: Master of Anger!
    Level: 36
    Prestige: 0
    Rank: Default
    Armor: Helmet(Donald Ducks head), Chestplate(lDiamond or a Blue leather), Leggings(Iron), Boots(lOrange leather)
    Weapon: Iron Sword or Iron Axe
    Abilitys:Jump Boost 1 and speed 1 Press Right-Click with sword or Shift while holding axe Donalds Destruction:Gives you Speed 4 and strenght 1 lasts for 12 seconds
  15. kit:sniper

    wepon:infinity bow w punch 1

    armor:full chain mail

    ability:when aiming gets slowness zooming in your vision

    level:2 same as archer

    cost:1500 nuggets
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  16. Name: Phenix

    Description: The flying fire

    Level: 30

    rank: default

    Armor: red leather protection II

    Weapon: Shrpness 3 blaze rod, and fire aspect 1

    Ability: Tear of the phenix, full heal
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  17. Kit Ideas:

    Kit name: Thrower
    Weapon/s: Stone Sword
    Amour: Yellow Helmet, Chain Chestplate , Chain Leggings , Chain Boots
    Special ability: The kit will have the abbility to pickup blocks on your head and throw them at people, it will do 4 Hearts damage.
    Level Required: 24
    Cost: 200 Nuggets
    Extra info: Recharging will cost 23 Seconds.

    Kit name: Nugget Thrower
    Weapon/s: Golden Sword
    Amour: Full Leather Armor with a gold color.
    Special ability: Can throw Nuggets to you that will give you 2 heart Damage.
    Level Required: 34
    Cost: The abbility will cost 2 Nuggets.
    Extra info: The cooldown is 14 Seconds.
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  18. Fun idea xD but that would be a little op. 12 seconds is pretty long if you ask me.
  19. I'd use this kit no problem :)
  20. Okay 4 seconds

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