Crusade:Kit Ideas With GoldenFlares #2

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  1. Hey What's Up I Just Had To Make More There's So Much Kits That Could Fit In! Here We Go!!

    Full Chainmail Armor
    Spear (Iron Shovel) {sharp 2} <special: Trust= It Throws you Forward Until You Hit Something Then You Explode

    Wooden Sword {knock 2}
    Sniper (Bow) {power 2,punch 2}
    iron helmet
    chainmail Chestplate
    chainmail leggings
    chainmail boots

    Iron Sword <Special: Triple Cut= Throws 3 Arrows
    chainmail helmet
    leather Chestplate
    chainmail leggings
    chainmail boots

    Iron Sword
    Full Iron Armor
    Slowness 1
    Mining Fatigue 10

    Full Yellow Armor {Prop 3}
    Stone Sword
    Speed 3

    Full White Armor {Prop 2}
    Stone Sword <Special: Scream= Gives Slowness 225 To The 3 Closest Players
    Jump Boost 2

    Chainmail Helmet
    Black Leather Chestplate
    Black Leather Leggings
    Chainmail Boots {Prop 1}
    Stone Sword <Special: Spider Nest= Recharges Very Slowly But This Sends In Two Cave Spider That Only Has 2 HP

    Stone Sword <Special: Raid= Sends In Flying Dirt And Gravel Around You Damaging Enemies
    Full Chainmail Armor

    Troll Face
    Chainmail Chestplate {Prop 1}
    Chainmail Leggings
    Chainmail boots
    Wooden Sword <Special: Troll 1: Throws 2 Cobwebs At Enemy
    Wooden Axe <Special: Troll 2: Makes People Around You Have Nausea
    Wooden Pickaxe <Special: Troll 3: Makes People Around you Get Throw Up In The Air

    Golden Helmet
    Golden Chestplate
    Chainmail Leggings
    Chainmail Boots
    Stone Sword <Special: Gold Bomb= Throws A Piece Of Gold That If Hits Gives The Person Slowness

    The Shadow
    Chainmail Helmet
    Black Leather Chestplate {Prop 1}
    Black Leather Leggings {Prop 2}
    Black Leather Boots {Prop 3}
    Golden Sword <Special: Darkness= If You Right Click And A Person Is In Front Of You They Get Both Blindness And Night Vision For 10 Seconds

    That's It For Today Like For More Kit Ideas!!!
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