Cookie Challenge V2

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  1. Hello everyone!
    A new challenge has arrived for Cubed Chaos!

    The Cookie Challenge V2
    The goal of this challenge is to gather 1 Million cookies!

    Unlike last time, there are no deposit chests. We have a fancy new command.
    Simply type
    /TakeMyCookies to deposit all cookies from your inventory into the "Cookie Jar".
    If you want to see the current progress of cookies gathered, type



    Prizes have yet to be determined, but if you have some ideas for possible rewards let us know either in a comment below or in #suggestions on our server Discord!

    Staff Changes!
    • Hykurtis is now an Owner
    • Lolimage (Aka Darkblade) is now an Admin+
    • Impmon is now an Admin
    • Ashxun is now an Admin
    • Narp is now a Mod+
    • Luxfortis, Grim_, and APickledWalrus are now Mods
    • And last, but not least, Schottie is now our Builder

    Current Staff Team

    Wubs - Owner
    HyKurtis - Owner/Developer

    Zoro - Developer

    Narnia - Manager
    Ordaine - Manager

    FartingHero - Admin+
    Lolimage(Dark) - Admin+

    Ashxun - Admin
    Impmon - Admin

    Narp - Mod+

    APickledWalrus - Mod
    Grim_ - Mod
    Luxfortis - Mod

    Schottie - Builder

    There are no helpers currently, however we are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team!

    Click here to see some helpful tips for applying

    Click here to apply

    There are no current updates for Cubed or Skyblock as of yet, however there are new, exciting "Challenges" coming in the near future ;)

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