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Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by KenBo1560, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. I love skyblock, I love the challenge, I love the creativity, I love creating something grand with limited resources. I just get it.

    I am so thankful for those of you who take time to make a server such as this. Thank you for the world download. I haven't found the one for west yet but I will look for it when I get the chance.

    With that said I have to admit that I was / am a little bummed by the new island size limits and I know that a lot of others are as well. Still I think this is one of the best servers that I have found so far.

    Please give us hope that there might be a way to win or earn larger island sizes. Use this realestate as a commodity a reward / selling tactic maybe.

    My initial thoughts are this:
    1. increase island sizes based on rank
    a. VIP 25 x 25 block increase
    b. VIP+ 50 x 50 block increase
    c. MVP 75 x 75 block increase
    d. MVP+ 100 x 100 block increase
    2. increase island size based on activity possibly get an additional 2x2 block area for every 5 consecutive days.
    3. add an additional Vote Key reward - rarer than dirt more common than a worker perhaps. 2x2 block area prize.
    4. You can still start off with the base of 100 x 100 and then maybe have a top of 400 x 400 or more.

    Anyway - food for thought
    thanks and keep up the good work.
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  2. Is it even worth to start again ? I guess not :(
  3. I like what you've did with this! I would like to see this in the server :) but it might cause some problems if you are like a MVP and a regular players right next to your island :)
  4. you are correct - it is hard to make suggestions without knowing all of the details. I have no idea how close each skyblock is to each other and I did notice that the render distance at spawn seems to have been reduced. You make some valid points that I did not think about.

    Still we are the idea people and it is up to us to share our ideas with the community. Hopefully someone will notice and maybe a variation of the above - who knows.
  5. I believe it is - I have already started over and hopefully I will not make the same mistakes with this island that I made the last time.

    I think this is an awesome opportunity - because before I dared not reset the island and now I have a clean slate.
  6. I hope you do stay. Lets make this skyblock even better than before.
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  7. I like how you're talking :D

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