Christmas Build Contest & Updates!

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    Ho ho ho!

    It's time for some updates!

    Build contest
    Christmas is upon us and there is no better way to celebrate it than with a little contest!
    We have setup a build contest for you all! It's quite simple and you can win awesome prizes!

    You can build whatever you think fits the christmas spirit! If you're all out of ideas, I have a few ideas;
    • Snowy Landscape
    • Santa's Factory
    • Christmas Tree
    • Snowmen
    • Christmas decorated houses / buildings
    • And I'm certain there far more things you can do - Only your creativity sets the limit!

    The contest will be judged in three different categories, creativity, originality and how well it fits the theme!

    Ah yes! There will also be prizes! The top three will be awarded awesome prizes that they can spend on whatever they please.
    1st place - 50000 Nuggets
    2nd place - 25000 Nuggets
    3rd place - 10000 Nuggets

    How do I enter?
    Very simple! Just join the hub and type /server Lounge-1 and claim a plot using /plot auto
    NB: You can only enter with 1 entry! That means if you build with a friend, you can not make another submission by yourself or with someone else.

    Deadline - The contest ends Dec. 27th

    Network Updates

    • Tons and tons of bugs have been fixed thanks to our awesome dev team!
    • Dungeon Crawl has been optimized so hopefully you won't experience lag anymore.
    • Factions have had a nether world added
    • Factions economy has been optimized
    Cygnus Build Team
    GodFather stepped down as leader and handed over the torch to Kresto who will now manage the build team
    The team is rapidly expanding and have recently added 4 new members, FiggsMC, Asdanthemadd, WwwDot and RigidPhoenix.

    The team has plenty of projects to do and always looking for new members, you can apply at

    Here is a little sneak peak of what they're currently working on,

    If you have business inquiries or questions, you can contact them at [email protected]

    That is all for now! If you have questions or concerns about this update, please ask in a comment below and I'll clarify.

    Merry christmas
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  2. Can multiple people work on one plot, and can people submit a plot more than once?
  3. Hello Tae!
    Thank you for asking that! That was something I had forgotten to mention. You can only submit one entry, even if you work in team. I've added it to the original post.
  4. Unbanned on Christmas I believe. Watch me clutch this build and win 50k nugs. (Btw, still upset that I haven't received my 25k nugs I won from Super's last contest :/ )
  5. Just want to emphasize guys that there is only:
    1 entry per player or 1 entry per team!

    Multiple builds will be disqualified!
    Helping other players and working on your own will also lead to being disqualified!

    Take care guys and have fun ;)
  6. Trust me, Naskel will make sure people who get prizes for winning :D
  7. May participate, not really good at building but oh well :p
  8. Same ._.
  9. omg lol I only good at copying builds from images to minecraft xD I think that will consider a bit as cheating isn't it?
  10. Welp there goes my idea xD
  11. I meant not copying minecraft builds, but real images, like houses, lands etc :)
  12. I know xD
  13. I might give it a try. See how my building goes xD
  14. If it wont consider as cheating I'll try as well :)
  15. xD
  16. Good luck to everyone who is going to take part! :)
  17. Btw I have a good question, who is gonna be the Judges? :p
  18. I am guessing Naskel. Maybe the some of the Cygnus team.

    Not sure though because I think it would be a little unfair to have all the amazing Cygnus builders destroy us xD
  19. The panel of judges aren't finalized yet as it also depends on who enters the contest, I want to keep the panel as unbiased as possible.

    Just to clarify - Cygnus builders are more than welcome to enter the contest - They're part of the community just like everyone else and should be given equal chance to compete. I understand they have an upper hand cause members of team are generally better at building however there is also potential for other members in the community to be part of other build teams and thus we can not exclude anyone from entering.

    That being said, I know Kresto has a lot of projects lined up for Cygnus to keep them busy and I would be surprised if a whole lot of them would even have time to enter the contest.
  20. Can there be 2 or multiple 1st places or no?

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