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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Narp, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. I don't see how this is funny or entertaining xD
  2. its funny cause Alaskan's demoted.
  3. Honestly I don't know what I just got into or how to get those pig things...
  4. How is that funny? Correct, it is not. If someone gets demoted it is not a joke, just imagine if you were in his shoes? how would you feel?
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  5. Well, I think it is funny because you can take your pet and rename it as someone
  6. But at the same time it is pretty immature for people to do that. Especially to annoy people who got demoted.
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  7. I didn't do that
  8. I know you didn't :p I'm just trying to say that trying to laugh at people getting demoted is not funny.
  9. Oh

  10. :p
  11. im just trying to start a cult of name pigs and i was thinking of some names i knew

    @PhyreWork @Mr_Buttermen
  12. You did nothing wrong don't worry xD

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