Chan's Departure Giveaway

Discussion in 'Cubed Chaos' started by HeyImChan, Oct 10, 2015.

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  1. I have finished up and some people have already taken their gifts.
    For those who haven't taken it, go ahead and take it!

    List of people who is added: Komo, iHeatPVP, AngelNP, Mr_Buttermen, BarkySharky, _xX_Zachary_Xx_, Ryano123, BrianBell, nicollbros89, Ordaine, Emmaa, CaptainFloofy, Gwim, ZommyPooh, CallMeHanan, CallMeDge, CallMeCow, HeyImWolfie, and ItsNickkk.

    For those who are part of the giveaway, type /pwarp HeyImChan Giveaway
    *Only those entered can pwarp there, so don't try lol*

    It was a fun ride on Cubed Chaos. Catch me sometimes on Creative and/or Crusade.

    If you want to see me all the time, I am playing Old School Runescape now. IGN: Bboying
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  2. No griefing!
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  3. "ZommyPooh" D':
  4. "ZommyPooh" xD
  5. wanna leave me alone D':
  6. Wait I entered and I can not warp. And HeyImChan liked my post. Can you fix this HeyImChan?
  7. Sorry, I kind of forgot to add you. I can add you, what is your ign and ill put u in?
  8. #8 Mr.Skardsen, Oct 13, 2015
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    @HeyImChan SuperSkardsen is my IGN. Can you add me please?
  9. I really need and want stuff but it's too late:(
  10. I was sure to add you man, I'll try again later.
  11. @HeyImChan did you use my new IGN, "SuperSkardsen"?
  12. No i forgot ill add u when i can
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