Can we do something about this please. [skyblock forest]

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  1. Ch33sy_g has sold about 10 stacks of dirt so far , warned him twice not to islandfarm and he did so anyway.

    There are more and more and more players every damn time that dont listen to the most basic rules.
    So here is a suggestion : how about change it so that when someone is resets , their balance , AND their pv's get erased.

    This would stop islandfarming dead in its tracks seeing as their would be nothing to gain from it this way.

    Also , I will look trough the forums to see if there is a Report player section , sure there is , and if not :

    I want to hereby report player : Ch33sy_g , on skyblock , for islandfarming while knowing that it is not allowed.

    Players need to stop getting away with this , it's not just irritating to myself every time i catch someone doing it but it annoys a LOT of other players too , except for the trolls , wont name anyone.

    Also , a lot of people are using alt accounts to already do this atm. ( Guess you guys shouldnt trust me with your secrets :3 especially when breaking rules) again wont give any names on that one , not the point of this post.
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  2. I got your point :/ hmm

    But what if this is a player that just want to move to someone island? he will lose all hes money :)

    Maybe, they should just lose they stuff, all of they stuff after resting the island :D

    Or maybe increase the cooldown between resets :)

  3. If that player wants to keep their money they could have the person they are joining take their money while they reset and then join the island they want to join.

    Something needs to be today. Because I just quit after catching someone else doing it, yet again.

    People dont listen to the rules, they dont listen to the people that tell them the rules, basicly they dont give 2 fucks. I'm done for now.
  4. This my cause some problems I think :/

    You don't need to quit because that :) Is that ruin you fun? I don't think so

    If you want to do something about then just report about those peoples that doing it :)
  5. I guess depend if the person would like to have fun, plus you can pass the money and those dirt, stone and others to your friend soo, however, there are empty chests in spawn in wich if youre a single player you can store them in spawn, other else if they take the chests or lock them
  6. he is resetting like a mad man and keep rising the price too
  7. The best thing to do is to stop demand for his fares but your right in saying that island farm must be stopped. A reset timer should be added to resetting your island. It would have to be quite substantial as a timer of 10 mins - 1 hour is unlikely to stop a island farmer so maybe push it out to a whole day or so. This would slow down production at least while staff make further changes?
    Just an option
  8. this would basicly be farming every thhing in the island any objecs plus with the post that I said in wich they can store them in chests, but ideal i'd say 20 minutes, however I would'nt put it up to 1 hour since new players might mess up they're cobble generator, anyways you could also add a limited amount of reseting times for example like if you could reset your island 10 times.
  9. This is my solution for island farming issues,

    Step one:
    Island reset cooldown of 24 hours (minimal)

    Being as you can right click your lava, now obsidan, with a bucket to get lava back

    Step two:
    Have mods/admins take 2 hour shifts depending on time zones, work ect. To monitor the trades/auction, do not ban at first (just incase they are doing it from ignorance) should be warning, then temp ban, then permanent ban

    Step Three:
    This step would allow not so many mods to have to spend their time worrying about it.
    Make a player report forum, and have a forum or multiple forum admins to monitor said forums.

    I hope this helps a bit with the issues.


  10. That probably will get people else mad because they'd wait 24 hours and quit
  11. if they messed up something or the chest was missing items*
  12. So maybe when you are join to the skyblock you can reset your island 3 times with no cooldown and after you using the 3 resets, It will make a cooldown of 24 hours :)
  13. Ok I see your point, thing is yes erasing pvs would work but if you throw it to a friend that would bypass all of that (Like you have stated)

    To stop this you would

    A: 24 hour-1 week reset wait
    B: A hard set tutorial area that new players HAVE TO GO THROUGH
    C: Report each and every person you know of doing this so it will stop anyone from doing so

    There is a report section at the bottom of the forums I suggest you post in since it keeps chats between you and admin secret

    Just a tip but admins are not the most active since they monitor a lot of servers and do have lives that need to be attended to. Reporting things is the best way to get admins help/support and more pictures the better.
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  14. Well I honestly will just say this : If the admins dont have time to moderate these sort of things , then they should give trusted players a rank to do so.

    Like...I warned about 50 people not to island farm , and when I started warning people in global chat suddenly a lot of players who you all think you can trust , and that staff thinks they can trust brought back their old alts they werent using at the time and brought those onto the server to farm islands with.

    And about keeping chat between yourself and admins secret , I suggest doing it the other way around , public conversations will bring a lot more results then simply 1 on 1 with any admin because they will simply say : We can't do anything about that , sorry. We will need proof.

    Now trust me..I tried putting screenshots up, and every dem tiem , It either tried relogging me , or it just gets rid of the post I was making entirely.
    Thats probably a problem on my end that I need to sort out because my laptop has been a bit glitchy lately , hence the fact I havent been on as much :)

    Now I typed this without reading every reply to the post because basicly what DaEpicMiner326 said is the best solution to stop islandfarming:

    24 hours (minimum is reset timer) Honestly , lets say it was made to 24 hours, I dont mind anyone resetting an island once per day , #nogains. kek

    pvs cleared on is reset , besides that : there can also be a cost to resetting.

    A tutorial which states the rules clearly about what not to do , and to explain new players how to play Skyblock. (because a lot of people log on and go ; how to play skyblock!? )

    Now , if I had to report every single time people had done this I probably would have quit weeks ago >.>
  15. My responses to each point in the order listed

    The trusted players that have a rank are admins ..... I want to believe most of them are volunteer and/or specially picked to do the role they signed up for. This is why there is a forums for regular players to report issues like this to have them dealt with.

    There is no hardcore rule set in place for skyblock specificly (there is a blanket rule and yes this technically counts as a exploit) which makes it hard for regular players to stop doing said actions because of backlash.

    You will need to have proof for weight for the most part to get anything done or have multiple people report on it, the reason to keep it between the staff (All of them) and you is to not incur backlash/anger against the person reporting it since it can and may happen.

    Odd problem, I have failed to have this problem. If you want to send them to me via skype/email so that I can post them for you. I wont mind help of this service if I have time to do so.

    As for my solutions here are a few more

    1: A global message when someone resets their island and how many times they have done so. If to many may lead to investigation of some sort or other players jumping in and helping
    2: After X resets, a player has to request staff help to reset the island for them
    3:A physical island cost to reset the island (Pay all dirt+Lava bucket+Etc.)

    In the end, island farming will just ruin the economy. With my basic knowledge of economics, the rise in ammount of acquirable dirt sold at a lower cost then what the economy started with (Admin shops). It will cause competition between different sellers, competition results in lower prices. When less people need to buy/use the commodity (dirt) will cause more competition between sellers, dropping the price to crazy low prices (as seen on skyblock west). During the time they were farming islands, they could of farm iron golems,trees,pumpkins, etc. that would normally produce more value in the long run. This does not mean it should not be stopped, but what I stated above will run its course if not.
  16. Gud idea sticky I like it alot
  17. i got him banned
  18. Youre not the only when who helped :p
  19. I agree island farming is a big issue and there are quite a few good sugestions on this thread (hey wubs) but another issue is duplicating. I spotted zion846 selling multiple stacks of power rail so i go to his island to see. I spot a cobble box and inside there is a rail gen. ( i saw by breaking a block obviously ) i told many member of staff but i am unsure if any action was taken against him/her.
  20. but isnt duplicating the same thing with 2 block tall flowers in cubed chaos and plus the rails, cause Im sure a staff told me that was supposed to happen?

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