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  1. Lol. One more question! Do you have to buy those ( idk the name ) wires that connect like from your graphics to your monitor? Or do they come with?
  2. xD I took my pc side panel off and learnt what all the parts are, it's the easiest way xD
  3. graphics to monitor? Do you mean pc to monitor?
  4. They should either come with your monitor or in the box with your motherboard ;)
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  5. I am a dummy, I understand nothing
  6. Don't you mean HDMI cable?
  7. I was thinking of the ones with the large blue ends but afterwards i remembered hdmi lol. I promise im not THAT stupid i swear
  8. Psssst. Intel sucks. Amd all the way. ;)
  9. Idk, but isnt the amd stock coolers bad?
  10. Ayy I have :). It's kinda simple, just get teh parts you want then look up how to build a pc then just follow steps you'll be good. trust me I used my built pc writing this xD
  11. we know. lol
  12. illumneraty confirmed ;)
  13. toats

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