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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by ryano123, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. I want to build a pc but im nervous that i wouldn't be able or id mess up. Has anyone any experience?
  2. Umm I tink u ned electrecty and tis tingy called a monitor and I tink you need wirey tings. Hop dis halped out! Buy da way I know dis since I'm Bill Gates;)
  3. i know @Gwim recently built one, try asking him for help
  4. Oh yea I just built a PC a few weeks ago actually. It's working perfectly and it really isn't that hard. I watched a few videos from a YouTube channel called TechSource and also looked at some of the manuals. I also used PCPartPicker to make sure all the parts for it were compatible. You can message me if you have any problems and I would be happy to help you! :)

    Here is the link for TechSource:
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  5. Niceeee, can you show a picture of it? :)
  6. Lol gwimy how old are you?
  7. 21 months old
  8. 15 :cool:
  9. Wahh gg, you've got any experience before you built the computer?
  10. Nope I was like "Imma wing it".
  11. And, like, how many fps you got in game? (like minecraft?)
  12. 21 fps
  13. With my build I can get at most 1000 but I keep it capped at 100. The least I have experienced is 80 when I have intense shaders on :p.
  14. Oh gawd, I am so jealous
  15. Was it hard to install windows and the drivers? Do you play other games?
  16. I don't play other games that I used to. Mostly been sticking with minecraft for the last couple months. Installing Windows and drivers was the easiest part of it - your motherboard comes with a disc to install the drivers. :p
  17. lol I didn't understand nothing from it xD
  18. Hmm so you need an optical drive? Did you install windows from a disk?
  19. Yes. Funny story actually. I didn't have an optical drive so my dad and I had to drive about 2 hours to a store to pick one up xD

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