Batman or Superman

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Batman or Superman whos the better superhero

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  1. Batman

  2. Superman

  1. if superman touches kryptonite or is even near it he loses all strength that cant happen and batman already has a plan to kill off each superhero incase they turn bad he legit would win against superman no matter what
  2. superman doesnt kill humans like that have you ever seen him kill luthor? batman has the capability to kill each and every superhero if he needs to get his hands dirty for the sake of the world batman would beat superman anyday
  3. I never heard of that :/
  4. they have a comic and movie about that a villian stole supermans plans and used it to simultaneously kill each founder but cause he didnt make one for cyborg since he wasnt a member cyborg helped and they were all able to survive in the end
  5. Is this really a question? Batman is the best choice ;)
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  6. See, zoro agree with me :D
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  7. you still havent voted
  8. I thought I did, I just voted now
  9. HAH batman beat the heck out of superman and when was going to kill him chose not to but superman still ended up dying in the end so hah batman for the win!!!!!!!!!!!
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  10. Wow, dat spoiler tho
  11. Let's all agree that if it would be a all superhero battle, squirrel girl would win xD
  12. You mean aqua man, he is my favorite, I wish there will be a movie about him
  13. You mean, Aqua LAD?
  14. there is one being made for aquaman justice league wonder woman and the flash
  15. But I want only aqua man

  16. no i mean each is a different movie aquaman is getting a whole movie for himself
  17. I like Marvel better anyways kek
  18. thor captain america and iron man do not get attached
  19. Gotta be honest, I just saw the movie and it was terrible

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