Batman or Superman

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Batman or Superman whos the better superhero

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  1. Batman

  2. Superman

  1. in honor of the upcoming movie i want to know all of your guys reaction on who would win in a fight batman or superman
  2. Batman he has the brain's
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  3. he also has kryptonite to beat superman
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  4. Steven Universe
  5. Superman is the
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  6. Batman for the winnn.
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  7. Superman is SOOOO much better
  8. If we talk how cool superman take's the cake but if they are fighting batman wins
  9. I think superman will win since he got super powers but in my opinion I like more batman because he learned all the things that he can do and built all of his things so ye still, superman will win xD
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  10. Guys, a question was asked. There was 2 possible answers. In thisbcase it is rude to vote disagree just because you prefer the other character. Make a reply and say why?
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  11. Supeman because he has "Super" in his name, and he can fly! I mean how better can he get!
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  12. Stop just please no. xD but seriously batman is better 100%
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  13. Flying is the best!
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  14. Batman is smarter, but Superman is unbeatable, so he Can't lose.
  15. nononono
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  16. he isnt unbeatable the red sun and kryptonite can defeat him easily
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  17. If it's just Superman vs Batman, meaning Batman utilizes all of his skills and weapons in his arsenal, and Superman with his super powers, Superman would win. All Superman has to do is punch him once and he's #ded He the real 1 punch man
  18. Superman would just take the kryptonite away, throw it into space, and blow batman away, or punch him, or laser vision hi, etc.
  19. no i'm saying Superman is the real 1 punch man xD
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  20. Ye you right, since 1 punch man will need to take down batman and superman he will need to use 2 punches ugh

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