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  1. IGN: party_benson

    Punishment type: 1 week ban

    Reason for punishment: player disrespect and server disrespect

    Why your punishment should be revoked: Seems like completely biased ban, It started when I left the server today and my friend Midislandgymnast was still online. After I left IceyCoke said relating to me "does benson even have friends" and Whos_Askin an ADMIN of this server said he "felt bad" for anyone who was my friend. Complete player disrespect and you cannot say im wrong. I then came back very angry as you know and said the EXACT same thing icey and askin said with one hurtful cuss word. unbelivable.

    Evidence(?): Midislandgymnast

    Proof of him calling people on the server "Fake Pussies" been dealing with issues for over 2 weeks. Then decided to come at me and multiple people on discord with schottie as witness saying he didn't do it. Other picture was taken moments later of his reaction on the discord.
  3. Not true, never lied about not saying "fake pussies" and askin misread the situation I did not respond pussy about the situation I said that when I was telling the story about what happened and could not say it in voicechat because kids were around me so I had to type in chat. Only warning ive had for player disrespect in the past 2 weeks was "be nice"
  4. Instead of saying "pussy" to 5 people, you said it in the #Off-Topic chat...
  5. Was I supposed to dm all 5 of you the word pussy?
  6. You posted this Ban Appeal 17 Minutes ago, You joined the VC myself and Askin was in minutes later to try and bring attention to this appeal. So based purely on that I could deny this outright.

    That being said, What you have told us today, is that you retaliated towards a player, except you decided to take it further by saying what you did on top of it. Now unless you can provide some physical evidence to prove Icey or Askin disrespected yourself, Theres nothing we can do about it. However your punishment stands.

    Appeal Denied
  7. No physical evidence as I was not on, they said this behind my back and midislandgymnast told me about it, Im pretty sure you heard Askin himself say that Icey said that he said he was sorry for dani for being friends with me if thats enough evidence schottie.
  8. As Stated unless its physical evidence, its hearsay and holds no grounds. I also believe you said "bunch of fake pussys on here" which in turn is implying that you are insulting a large majority of the playerbase.

    after your ban exceeds, I recommend reporting people for disrespect immediately and gather evidence to go with it, instead of retaliating in a very rude manner which has resulted in the punishment you have received.
  9. Thank you schottie I will, unfortunately icey gets away free with player disrespect this time ill make sure its handled better next. See you next week
  10. Ban has been reduced to 24 Hours starting from now.

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