Axmanturtle unshared me from the farm I am building.

Discussion in 'Cubed Chaos' started by kumonoryuu, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Hello guys. I wanted to create a flower farm so I worked on a design. I needed a warp so I was asking around. After a few of the people I talked axmanturtle was willing to help me with a warp if he could get some flowers. So I said ok. He made the warp into /pwarp axmanturtle flowerfarm and that was it. After working for most of the farm (basically all the design and redstone) He unshared both me and my girlfriend (Who we are supposed to be the owners of the farm with axmanturtle just being the guy who helped us out with a warp and he would receive seeds and flowers from it) and now we have no access anymore.
    Can anyone help? Thanks.
  2. Just managed to go and find it, axmill helped me too. Is anyone that can remove his warp from my place? You can you to the warp and /co i the whole thing and see i built it thanks.
  3. Ik the whole last season is gone anyway, but I just found this thread on the forums, and I wanted to clear all this up. Sudden guilt sprung up in me.

    What happened was I'm pretty sure I ended up moving the pwarp after the one set was built directly onto. At that point, I must've forgotten how to spell both of your names so I was going to ask, then forgot.

    I forget if we got this all dealt with on the server, and as previously said I know this isn't relevant anymore, but I hope that (if you plan to play in the future) you understand the mishap and you don't see me as a bad guy. I just tried to help, and continue to try and help :).


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