Awesome lanscape cordinates and new town

Discussion in 'Cubed Chaos' started by THJ, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. So I have bunch of good landscape cordinates to get the cordnates of one place you need to start a conversatinon with me and then we will figure out what kind of landscape you need

    So about the new town now its name is Quarrtown and its owner is me JHT2003 you get there usin thi command /pwarp JHT2003 Quarrtown but what can you do there well there are a lot of reasons going there first you can rent shops but where to you but your diamonds before sending them to your main base or you are a new one and want a quick base only for few diamonds per weekand you maybe think that there is nothing special for VIP+ and hihger but there is a casino and a buffet with realy rare but so so good food and some drinks also but its only for VIP+ and hihger so 2015-07-21_22.45.20.png Town rules 2015-07-21_22.45.34.png 2015-07-21_22.47.37.png enjoyng nice slice of a good melon
  2. This is actually looking great! :D

    Might check it out later :)
  3. Have to notice you that the warp dosent working :/
  4. oh ok im going on and fixing it
  5. Nice town! I'll make sure to check it out and keep an eye out for griefers
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  6. is there any commands to get the list of your pwarp
  7. /pwarps me
  8. I fixed it so now it should work
  9. You didn't made the warp public so no one can use it now :)

    Do in the game /pshare warp (warp name)
  10. grhh I dont like complec stuff and thanks and now it should be working
  11. Same here ;)
    But this is what makes life better :)
  12. Wow thats a nice looking town ill be sure to check it out!
  13. Wow if WIP town is nice then when its done it should be awesome

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