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  1. There needs to be auction houses on Cubed. People are already doing auctions but it is just in chat, so it just spamming it. I think it would be much better if a proper Auction House, or AH, was set up.:p

  2. Imo this is a terrible idea as there are many shopping centres or malls throughout the map currently and implementing an AH would ruin this aspect.
  3. But auctions happen A LOT in chat. The spam is ridiculous. You would know it wouldn't ruin that aspect if you played Skyblock.:p
  4. But also shops have been around since the begining of cubed if you remember? Oh wait... You don't because you weren't there, auctions would ruin CubedChaos as CubedChaos is meant to be an SMP server with as little plugins as possible but still maintaining a fun atmosphere such as effects, kits for donators, spawners. I think auctions will push it too far as there is nothing wrong with what we already have.
    Ps, I used to play skyblock for over a month or two so I do know and I also played prison and orcus where there are auctions.
  5. I think that auction house isn't needed for Cubed, since Cubed is a vanilla server. Skyblock is skyblock, but that's not vanilla, so I can see the auction house there. I honestly can't imagine putting the auction house in Cubed.
  6. It was just a suggestion.:p A lot of people didn't like the spam going on in chat when people put up auctions, and it happens very often. They could use /msg, but they keep on forgetting:p. We are all humans (I hope) ,after all. So I just though I would make a forum post about this.:p
  7. I know you have been here a lot longer than me, and I didn't say you weren't an experienced player:p.
    I know you did, but I didn't reply to just you. That is why I didn't use the reply feature:D.
  8. Ye I saw in the past some suggestions like that but peoples didn't really liked it :)
  9. Shots fired
  10. Aucs would ruin the feel of having shops and paying manually. I would prefer is this wasnt implemented
  11. Lol savage but geuss what it stops greifers Jesus
  12. I prefer the greifers and not ruin the simple survival :)
  13. Btw why the thread called Auction Houses? for what the houses?
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  14. I quite like the idea of ah Xp (mainly because I suck at building shops).
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  15. skh10 i am the exact same way with the shops and stuff
  16. Staff love having to roll back and ban griefers, especially Grrim :p
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    Hah I remember me and gwim built a grifers trap, just a giant wall made out of diamond blocks

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