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  1. Needle in the haystack

    The game generates a giant square made of yellow wool and one iron block somewhere in it,

    To win find the iron block and mine it, everyone gets shears a sword pickaxe and leather gear, you shear the wool and find the block, the sword is to fight people, if you die you respawn five seconds later, first player to three wins wins the whole game, if you like this please reply and smash the likes
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  2. If mrsupersweet you read this skype me and I will give you all the info about the game
  3. Donators would get a pass that if they died they go back to where they were when they died and don't lose their wool, and non donators could buy the passes for 500 nuggets
  4. Once we add the arcade, we will definitely be taking a look at this!
  5. Could I help create the arcade
  6. sure :D feel free to make game writeups!
  7. ?
  8. What is that?????!!!!!
  9. Basically just posting threads with all your ideas, which you seem to be doing already ;P
  10. Lawl
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