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  1. Hey Everyone! I really hope everyone's reading this. You may not like me but please keep your eyes open and take the time to read this as I will explain everything, give advice, and apologize.
    If you at any point you feel like im contradicting myself, try to empathize because you dont know what it was like.
    Im not asking for anything by talking this way to you guys, whatever happened is in the past and I
    December of 2014 I was on my twitter account and had come past a tweet by Kricken about a stream, I wasnt the kind of kid that wanted to watch streams but for some reason i opened up the stream and had joined the server. So much was going on at the time. I had just reunited with my brother that was missing for 8 years after he left the Army. It was around the time of the Holidays. I was so overwhlemed to meet such a cute online community and I befriended a lot of players and staff members. Over time, it seems as if sugar turned into salt. I recieved bans, kicks, mutes and I continued. Many staff members didnt understand me at all and didn't try to be my friend. For a long time I was considered as a toxic figure of the server. I have to admit that I did make mistakes, but who doesn't. For a long time I felt as if staff members neglected me and ignored me. I only responded the way I did because I was so tired of being called toxic, I was tired of the way Staff was treating me. If you think im trying to be the victim, check the reciepts because there is evidence such as the 'Beno' incident. Cubed chaos was such a perfect server before it turned into Nirvana, I get it - everything has to evolve at some point-, but if you're from the first cubed map you know so well what an integrated and 'together' community. Im still not admitting to the last incident because I know I didn't do it, and I really don't care anymore because I know I'm not gonna change your minds. Anyways I want to thank everyone who was a part of my experience and acknowledged me on Cubed Chaos. For those of you who I was rude to, I sincerely apologize because I had no reason to treat you the way I did. For those of you who took things personally and went against me for no reason (those people who have never talked to me and went off of what other people said), Im really sorry that you dont have the comprehension to understand what was going on and who I really am. Whether you hate me or you were one of my good friends you have to admit that i contributed to the server and the community.

    If you made it this far, thank you for reading this as it's my last forum post on here.
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  2. Every time you were on, you were 100% toxic. You harassed players, harassed staff, pushed the rules as much as you could before you actually got punished.
    You weren't neglected. The entire staff team, including myself, did not like you due to the fact you caused so many issues on the server whenever you were on.
    You were also treated as such because you constantly pushed our buttons and did just enough to not get banned.
    And at the time we did have around 30+ staff, the amount of daily complaints we got from players that you were bullying them or other staff that you were harassing and annoying them for attention was ludicrous.
    This is beyond a two sided apology. You basically just said "sorry I am not sorry."
    If you are truly sorry, take responsibility for your actions and just admit you did wrong and stop blaming other people.
    No you were not misunderstood, you constantly flamed for absolutely no reason.
    If you want friends, stop being a big jerk to people and maybe you wouldn't have been treated that way.
    No one wants to be around a bully.
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  3. rekt af savage ordaine at it again
  4. Logged in just to say Ordaine rekt him haha.
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