Anyone nice?

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by ryano123, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Is the anyone whi would be willing to be me the /fly command for ingame money? I would be very grateful. Also many people will say im trustworthy!
  2. Well it depends on how much in game money your willing pay bro
  3. :/ those posts making me nervous, I don't know why
  4. What you mean butter
  6. Ok then lol
  7. Are you interested? :D
  8. I am a very trustworthy man butter
  9. It is not that I don't believe you, it is just those posts that peoples asking for someone to buy him something from the store, even if you will pay to him a lots of in-game money :/ I just don't like it
  10. I am yes but will be Friday and depends on the price ur will to pay
  11. But you should remember, If he will scam you, It will be your problem :)
  12. Oh I know but he is on the server all the time so trust will be lost so it will be his loss
  13. Yeah but you will lose 20 bucks xD
  14. I do not scam:) loads of people will say that!
  15. Basically i couldnt play again
  16. Sorry dude but I cant trust someone unless I could see it or have proof :) (not saying your a scamer or something)
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  19. What can i say then
  20. Nothing :) there is no problem, it is not that I hate you or something or thinking your a scammer :D you cant trust anyone in this days ya'know

    I don't even playing skyblock tho ;)

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