Anti X-Ray?

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  1. So, I used to X-Ray and if I really thought about it I would have never been caught if I wouldn't have bragged about it. I know that many other people use X-Ray whether it be a client or a tp. There's a plugin called Anti X-Ray that basically will turn the invisible blocks (the X-Ray blocks) it to a mix of ores but the ores aren't really there and ores aren't invis to X-Ray so it blocks the X-Ray view. It does cause a little bit of lag for players that have 100+ ms but besides that I think you should really consider this plugin.
    -Oreos or Pikachu ;)
  2. I don't really think this plugin is needed, since the staff can easily catch X-Ray. Also probably not worth the lag since we can catch it, much like hackers.
  3. Well, as I said I know many people that use X-Ray they haven't been caught so :p
  4. Im not an expert but im pretty sure it causes fps lag and is nothing to do with ping.
  5. How staff can actually catch a player that using x-ray?
  6. Exactly Butterman they can't unless they spec them and why would they do that?
  7. It is very very easy to be honest

    They will be caught :p

    But yeah, we all know how to spot when someone is using x-ray, it is pretty easy to notice.
  8. I'm not saying it's not hard to notice I'll just give an example of what I was trying to say: So let's say a well known player like FusionFall or Axmill X-Ray's a ton of diamond it's not like you're going to randomly just going to tp to them and watch them or /co I their tunnels.
  9. Can you please explain to me how? :p
  10. I think higher-up staff can directly TP to places you mine (eg. Diamonds) using /co i or something, and see if you've been tunneling directly to them.
    But hey, that's just a theory.... A GAME THEORY! THANKS FOR WATCHING!

    Another theory is that they rtp somewhere, go into spectator mode, and go into the ground to see if people have been tunneling.

    Another (realistic) theory is a staff member tp'ing to people in /v. Next time I wanna Xray, imma be sure no staff are watching lul. I have my ways, and I can cover up what I mine.
  11. This sounds more convincing
  12. Yeah but why would staff just randomly do that?
  13. Maybe they get alerts of you mining diamonds a lot? Or maybe someone tips off them.
  14. Alerts if someone was mining a lot of diamonds would be amazing :D
  15. Well maybe it is what they told to do when they have nothing else to do xD
  16. Lol, there are actually servers that do that. We are not one of them.
  17. do you know the youtuber rgaminecraft he always randomly tp to player and catch them hacking i guess i ould be possible also that this server has someone monitoring and catching someone, or also having some plugin that gives them data about everysingle block you mined or something
  18. Its hella annoying when the chat is full of these alerts, I'llsay that much
  19. Maybe the mods in there can just turn it on and off?
  20. They probably can xD

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