Anti-AFK on Cubed Chaos

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  1. Since when was this bannable and why is it bannable offense?
  2. what is anti afk
  3. ikr
  4. I believe it means to have one of those Water things going in a circle or against a fence in the floor so you don't stop moving thus making you be able to afk..... however the server allows players to stay afk so Idk why Anti-afk is bannable? Everyone goes AFK.
  5. no i banned that player for the hack called anti afk, its a hack that makes you jump every 2 or so minutes.
  6. Oh hahaha, that makes sense.
  7. Wait, why is that? it is not giving him advantage on something :/
  8. i banned that player for anti afk because even if it doesnt give an advantage, its still a hack, for example if someone was using derp, it wouldnt give someone an advantage, but its still a hack, so we ban for it
  9. From what I understood from @Ordaine (This thread), even Optifine is a hack, but since it is not giving advantage to anyone, just reducing lag, it is allowed. and the AFK Client dosent give any advantage to anyone, the player can use the client or just afk pool so it is not matter, it is still the same thing.
  10. Thing is, anti afk hack is bannable because its part of a hacked client
  11. Hmm if I understand you right, I understand xD
  12. Whats the point in it? If they dont use any hacks like x-ray they shouldnt be banned, it doesnt give anyone an advantage.
  14. It is still a hack nevertheless. We are a hack free server.
    UI mods are allowed, that is it.

    "Client Modifications/Hacks are Strictly Forbidden
    Use of modified clients or hacked clients is strictly forbidden on the NirvanaMC Network. If caught using Hacked Clients or Modifications, it will result in a temporary ban or permanent ban from the NirvanaMC Network.

    Types of modifications that are not allowed:

    · Mods that exploit the AFK prevention system by constantly pinging player movement"
  15. I wish id seen the rule list when i joined xD, my only ban came from dissrespecting a youtuber.....
  16. Well just be nice to everyone :p
    If someone is cursing or harassing you. You can report them regardless of who they are.
  17. Ordain what if its super (not that he would) <3
  18. Psh, jump hacking is lame. Just have a metronome to jump for you every second.
  19. May i just say, how can you tell that the persons not just got some thing on there jump key?
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