An overdue apology :)

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  1. Don’t exactly know how to start this but, if you don't know already Kelsey, better know as ohkelsey. I was a past admin whom resigned for personal reasons. I would just like to say that while I enjoyed my time on nirvana when I was a staff member, but it became clear to me that I didn't like it anymore, hence the resignation. A couple weeks later I think it became apparent to everyone else that I didn't like the server anymore. I later began to grief my so called “old friends” and cause problems with the newer staff members. By saying this I was just like to apologize, I’m not the same as I was when I left staff, but I'm not the same as when I was staff. I am sorry for everything that I had caused in the past. Shauna specifically, it was not my place to come in and mess up any of the work you had put into your builds. However I'm not going to apologize for for those whom had helped me cause so much destruction on their behalf because I know they don't regret what they’ve done. Saying that, the group causing the current trouble is in no way affiliated with me and I don't enjoy having others blaming me or punishing me for their actions, as done in the past. The Coolio, Nic, Andrea, Dr.awesome group is not whom I hang out with anymore, I most definitely regret that I had spent time with them and joined them in putting others down. From now on I do not want to be thought of as a part of that group or be associated with that group because I really have no interest in being as immature as they have been. From me to you, if you are someone that I’ve hurt, I just want to thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you understand how sorry I am for all the trouble I have caused in the past however the past is the past and I hope you can look at me with new eyes and realize people make mistakes, and mistakes can be fixed.
  2. its okay like i dont hate anyone and i know how you feel your mad at people who are evil been mean and just rude but you shouldn't greif maybe just report well i hope you will join nirvana again
  3. And I know your not mean. Be the old Cali, the nice one, not the new one that griefs and be means to people. Just act how you were a asmin
  4. <3

    Btw are you still playing on the server? if yes then what?
  5. No one ever stays the same, I'm sure you aren't the same person you were 2 months ago. Look at it like that, you'll always change it's just whether it's for the better or not.
  6. Haven't griefed for a while, it was a one time thing, I was influenced by the wrong people. And sorry, but I won't be rejoining nirvana.
  7. oh i am im just William happy William and if some hates on you doesn't mean everyone does i hope you can come on nirvana again
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  8. D:
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  9. You were around a bit before my time but i can understand what you went through and how you felt. Hope you do decide to come back!
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  10. Agree, when you feeling you can come back, then go for it, you'll be welcome <3
  11. I always be around teamspeak and the server, just not as staff, not looking for that kind of thing anymore.
  12. Thanks William <3
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  14. Yep you Can have a room at my soon build new York City if you want and if you want to come back
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  15. Nice to hear :) <3
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  16. We All have our mistake but if we Didnt we were Perfect we are meant to make mistake's if it was on accident or You with bad people it was a mistake but Them who make you do Stuff Lie to you greif steal make your friends enmies are the bad people here no one Else not you
  17. "soon"... i'll get back to you on that one Will
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  18. Idk y but there is this survival server I play currently and I always grief people there. I get banned then when it was over I grief and get ban again *Repeat*
  19. Wait then why you grief? lol.
  20. Oh kelsey :) Finally realized coolio, andrea, dr awesome, and nic are toxic. Yeet. (Anyone else remember when andrea faked cry just to get lilmoe introuble lolol) Welcome back to your senses.
    Edit: yep, I'm not the same as I was back then. I realized how bad most people are on this server and how disgusting they act. I also now call out people who are toxic and ruin the server experience for others rather than ignoring it and caring for myself.
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