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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by AIDANZ3, Jul 2, 2016.

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  1. My IGN is AIDANZ3
    I was banned for 2 weeks
    I was banned at 7/2/16
    I was falsely banned for xraying
    I cannot provide proof of innocence as I'm locked out of the server so I can't take screenshots
    I was playing on Towny with Papi5 and we were joking around with SrMod ZombiePanda when I said "I'm going to go mining" papi5 jokingly said "you should use xray" and we went back and forth making jokes about xray. About 2 minutes later SrMod ZombiePanda left the server. Not too soon after that SrMod Thornagator joined, It was quite silent for about 8 minutes until SrMod Thornagator banned us for xraying. I understand Thornagator took that literal when he was not intended to. It would be highly appreciated if both Papi5 and I (AIDANZ3) were unbanned from towny.
  2. They need proof to ban you, if they don't have proof you shouldn't be banned
  3. Repost on Ban Appeal section. Hopefully you are unbanned or receive evidence.
  4. Appeals should be posted in the "ban appeal" section of the forums which is located over here.

    You were caught x-raying on the towny server, here is the evidence I received from ZombiePanda:

    Appeal denied & Thread locked
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