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  1. Post in here what you would like to be added to cube chaos and the mods admins and the owner might take these ideas and add them to the sever
  2. Skills, like skyblock where you can increase your abilitys, that would be pretty sweet
  3. That's mcmo I think
  4. They should add duengeons. There could be like 5 duengeons that all have a warp like the nether portal. Inside the duengeon there should be hostile mobs and then at the end of the duengeon there should be a boss guarding loot. Then you have to kill the boss which the Devs could decided to make OP or whatever they decide. The boss could have abilities like speed 3 or strength 2 or whatever you guys would like. Once you would kill the boss there would be a chest which will be one of the crates from cubed, mob crates, ore crates, then there could be rare items like coupons on the store, ranks, protect 4 armour whatever you guys would like. And then the duengeons would resupply every 30 minutes. Thanks for reading.
  5. The problem with this isthat people would camp there forever in hopes of recieving a coupon or rare drop. Other than that, I'd love to see randomly generated boss dungeons.
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  6. That would ruin the vanilla feel, it is a vanilla SMP so yeah....
  7. Thanks for all the ideas so far, we are always looking to improve the server for you. I'm looking forward to seeing any other ideas you come up :)
  8. Tree feller has just been added I believe.
  9. Although mcmmo is fun, personally I don't think it's a good idea for cubedchaos as it would remove all the playability.
  10. I disagree with that statement since think of how many people are on the server not every person is going to get it every time.
  11. Maybe ideas like this could be created in a whole new minigame!
  12. That would be a great idea. It would be like modded SMP
  13. Nah that wouldn't be good, its a good idea but it would be bad for the server, we have one SMP and we don't want to lose more players then we get. A few of these ideas could be brought into CC but 2 SMPs on 1 server, that would really be chaous ;)
  14. Well it is called Cube Chaos. And what I was thinking is when you click on Cubed Chaos there will be two maps kind of like skyblock but instead it would be Vanilla CubedChaos and then there would be modded CubedChoas.
  15. Nah thats still 2 SMPs
  16. The modded one won't be becuz it not Sinple Minecraft
  17. Lol its survival mode, thats what makes it an SMP
  18. I think that they should add ingame money what do you think
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    No offence but that idea would ruin the whole point of CC #skyblockcanhavemoneybutCCcanhaveskill
  20. #skyblockcanhavemoneybutCCcanhaveskill

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