Add PvP to Creative :D

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Mr_Buttermen, May 6, 2016.

  1. I have just found that you can get to survival mode in creative which is really cool, but I would suggest to turn on the PvP because peoples could make a lots of fun games there with the ability to build stuff and make arenas for games and then go to survival and basically play on the things that they made :)

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  2. love it! greatest and best idea ever!
  3. Personally I wouldnt like that idea. I goto creative to get away from pvp. Thats kinda the whole point. Im not even sure being able to go into survival is supposed to happen. Why not come up with a really cool different game idea? Like that one game on mineplex I think terf wars or whatever? Like a game where you get maybe 7-10 mins to build then have at it with pvp.
  4. Or make it so you can make your plot a pvp zone. Maybe someone wants to build a duel arena that looks really cool and wants to test it out before building it on Cubed or whatever.
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  5. Basically you don't have to pvp or go to survival in creative :)
  6. yea its like, but what Butter is trying to say is its like creating your own game then playing it, it makes creative more fun as you can make your own game that playable

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