A PvP Wager Warp

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Do You Think there should be a "wager" pvp warp?

  1. I'll be there, im way op anyways, GG!

  2. No

  3. What is pvp? what is warp? the cake is a lie?

  1. By this I mean, a "/warp pvp" where you can go & wager the items you bring with you into a fight. There's a /warp pvp in prisons where you can fight & lose your items, so why not on cc? If there's players that think they're better then the other or want something from the other, why not let them duke it out for keeps! No salt after lol
  2. Sounds good. I don't understand why you won't lose items in PVP in cubed.

    Go in, fiht, eat god apples, when you're low just tp out. There's a lot of things wrong with pvp in cubed.
  3. The only thing is you can't teleport out since it's considered combat logging, and u can't use enderpearls.

    Besides for that everything is great. I love this idea!
  4. Whats the point of considering it combat logging if you dont lose stuff on death (not u). That is dumb imo.
  5. Most players combat log because they don't want to show them dying in front of everybody on cubed or they don't want their armor to break. But I think if the wager idea is added people will combat log since they don't want to lose there gear.
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  6. What if in the PVP Arena, it could be a safe side and a not safe side. On safe side, it's the pvp arena we have now. On the not safe side, you lose items on death and you can't leave once you enter unless you type a command and stand for 5 seconds.
  7. I love the command and stand for five seconds idea but I think the 2 side idea will be a little hectic since when ur pvping you don't really notice what side ur on. And if ur about to die and you're on the not safe side then you can cross onto the safe side and nothing would happen. Maybe we could make two separate arenas. Like /warp pvpsafe and /warp pvpdanger.
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  8. I'll suggest it
  10. Could add some stuff to that :)

    But in conclusion it sounds great
  11. Glad you guys like :D
  12. :D Your Welcome
  13. #:D spread it around
  14. Cory confirmed you can combat log in pvp on cubed. Stupid af tbh
  15. The problem this is, like on skyblock, you kill your opponent and then a spectator comes in and rkos you before you are out of combat and takes all your gear and your winnings
  16. Maybe have a grace period after you kill someone for like 5 or so seconds.
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  17. the log thing is annoying it should be if u hit a player its 8 seconds b4 u can tp and all /tpa should be disabled when entering that warp also no notch apples (gapples) should be allowed cuz its just a jag move

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