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  1. We hope you’re having a great day.
    We have some BIG news!

    Staff Changes!

    • SmilingSlimeGuy has been promoted to Helper!
    • Narp has been promoted to Helper!
    • RadVibes is now a Helper (Hyrealm Mod)
    • ScHottie is now a Helper (Hyrealm Mod)
    • Biomess has been promoted to Mod!
    • Grrim has been promoted to Admin!
    We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team!

    Click here to apply

    Click here to view all staff changes



    Hyrealm’s Towny Server has now joined Nirvana! Give their staff a huge welcome to the server, along with the new gamemode.


    What is Towny?

    Towny is similar to Cubed Chaos, but with a twist. It is a mix of an SMP and Factions type server.

    • You can claim land to create your own towns, sell items to players or /warp shop. Unlike Cubed Chaos, you can grief. However, only when it’s 100 blocks away from claimed land.
    • Unclaimed land or builds can be griefed and looted.
    • PvP is also active anywhere outside of claimed land. Keep in mind that Keep Inventory is off so you will lose everything upon death. Be mindful and watch your step!
    Donations items for Towny have also been added to the store! Click here to see what you can purchase.

    The Hub


    A brand new Hub has been added to bring back the Pirate Theme to Nirvana!

    • Made by our very own Rene of Hyrealm. Hop on board the pirate ship for a little bit of PvP or run up the stairs and take a crack at Joe’s Sheep Shooter mini-game!
    • Log in with 1.9 and take a nice flight on the Elytra.
    Also, don’t forget to say hi to Bobo!

    Build Competition


    It’s Summer and it’s time to let the sun shine! Join in on our Summer Themed Build Competition!

    • To participate in the event, you must post your in game name below and we will give you a plot on /server Event-1, where you can build to your hearts content!
    • We want to see your best Summer Builds! It can be a beach theme, a day at the pool, a barbeque with your family, 4th of July or anything else that comes to mind.
    • No offensive builds, they will be removed and you will be removed from the competition.
    This event begins this Saturday (5/14/2015) and will end next Saturday (5/21/2015).

    If you have any questions or concerns, you can message any staff member on the forums or post a comment below!
  2. If I join the event, will it be judged based on the build, not myself? (staff dislike me)
  3. Gratz on the Promotions! :D

    I will soon update the Staff team list and add all the Hyrealm Staff :)

  4. It is based on the builds, just behave lol.

    Also prizes are to be announced ;)
  5. question (not to do with anything listed above): what's going to happen with the ranks and all that with the '"new" 'enforced' elua?
  6. Nothing currently.
  7. Narp staff... this cant be good :)
  8. We're super happy to be a part of Nirvana and look forward to a lot of great adventures together with all of you! :D

    - René
  9. Btw, can I enter to the contest with a friend? like build with someone?
  10. I'm guessing you mean Saturday (5/14/2016) to Saturday (5/21/2016).

    Also, I'd like to join into the event. My ign is axmanturtle :)
  11. Also, that Wubs image is bootiful to the max.
  12. No. We are traveling back in time to the summer of 2015 :p
  13. Ayy, Emily is back and so is Narp. Gr8 things to come then
    Edit : So is ScHottie!
  14. Good ;)
  15. I would like to join the comp. my minecraft name is Asconlite :) Thanks!
  16. Just go on the server to join :p
  17. Wubs has installed a plugin that should auto assign you a plot when you join the server :)
  18. The Build Battle server is now live!!!
    Do /gmc and fly over to a plot and /plot claim to get started :p
    It may auto assign you a plot, just do /plot home. If you do not currently have a plot, /plot claim
  19. Congratulations to everyone who was promoted this week! Can't wait to see all your fantastic builds! <3

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