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    General info:
    Discord is a free (much better) chatting application for people to use.

    You can have roles, private servers, permissions and much more and it is constantly being updated.

    The Design is a materialistic design that is very nice to the eyes.

    I've been useing some time now and in my opinion it is way better than TS or mumble as it's simple to learn and easy to navigate/use, non-intrusive (you don't have "a user joined your channel" and what not all the time), You can have many text options and voice options (commands like" /fliptable" which is just a fun thing to do when your mad XD)

    People who have roles show up on the use list with a specific color and under a specific category. You can choose the nicknames for people (if offensive or just having fun).

    I hope you guys/girls consider it and possibly give it a try yourselves, I think you'll enjoy it!

    (The offical web address for it is here: "https://discordapp.com/")
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  2. Let's all agree that Razer Comms is the best.
  3. Honestly we do not need another voice chat. The only real benefit of using something like this is free for mobiles.
    We already have this. We can customize and create any rank with any icon we like.
    You can add someone to your friends list and nickname them very easily.
    We already have this also. Private channels, set perms by donor rank or staff rank.
    Teamspeak is very easy to use and you can disable the notifications via the options.
    You can choose many different themes on the ts website. Teamspeaks design is simple and to the point.
    We may pay for teamspeak, however it is more reliable. We control it. We don't have to rely on someone else hosting the server for us.
    Honestly the price isn't that much either so we don't really need to consider other options.

    Teamspeak has pretty much all the same features with the added bonus of already being configured and set up.
  4. Can you install a Nirvana server on Rzr Comms? My TS is freaking out and I can't use it because Comms is pre-installed on my Blade.
  5. What is Rzr Comms?
  6. It's even easier than Teamspeak
  7. Tbh whatcha want me to say to you? I'm sponsored by Razer, so don't wait for negative ratings :p
  8. Discord is amazing, the staff team I am on use it and personally I really like it! It is more of a competitor to skype rather then ts imo. the voice channels are good and the chats are really easy to use and talk to people in

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