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Member, Male, from United States of America; Eastern Standard Time.

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Sep 21, 2015
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    Hi! I'm Spache, one of the NirvanaMC Head Admins.

    About Me:
    I'm a high school student with a lot of boring school work to do, so my time on Minecraft is mostly on the weekends. When I do get to log on, I'm mostly on CubedChaos making nifty redstone contraptions and little buildings.​

    How I Roll:
    As a NirvanaMC Staff Manager, I take the NirvanaMC Network very seriously. I hate griefing, stealing, and worst of all, just plain meanness. I want players to have a fun experience on the network, and anything that messes with that goal really gets on my nerves. If I had one thing that I'd really want to stress to players, it would be to always respect NirvanaMC staff and listen to them, they know what they're doing and always have your best interests in mind.​

    How To Contact Me:
    If you need me, there are a few ways to reach me. A good method of contacting me would be by using this website to shoot me a message. If I'm online, you can find me on the NirvanaMC TeamSpeak server or if I'm on the NirvanaMC network, I'm usually on CubedChaos. You can also use the /mail command on CubedChaos, the command would be "/mail Spache (your message)" Alternatively, you could ask an online NirvanaMC Staff member to shoot me a message on Skype to get on the server or TeamSpeak, if it's something urgent. However, I do not give out my Skype contact details to non-staff, sorry!​

    I hope I wasn't too boring to read about! As always, play fair and have fun!


    - Spache, NirvanaMC Staff Manager