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Hey dudes!
We did it, or we kinda did it! After a year, we finally reached Beta! So this may be a bit confusing to all of you who have been playing on the server for a while, but let me explain!

So there have been a few stages to NirvanaMC over the past year,
Pre-Alpha: When @Kyle and I first met <3, till we created a server for you to play on!
Alpha: Remember when we where testing Survival Games, Sploof and the like? Well that was Alpha!
Beta: Where we are now!

So let's go over what this all means, and to make it short i'll keep it a sentence or less. Lots of updates! Beta is the point where you figured out what you want to do, the kind of server you want to be, and well, all the networking, back end, hosting, and who you want to do it with.

So let's talk about whats been added for Beta 1.0!

New Hub
New SubHubs
Crusade Update
CubedChaos v.5 (Crazy to believe there have been 5 maps for CubedChaos right?!)
Ascend Creative
Friends System was re-done
Settings was re-done
Fun Zone was re-done
Tons of Optimization
and lots of little hoopla that you will never know about ;)

But wait, there's more! Every Saturday at 12pm EST you can expect something new on the server, and not just little stuff, but cool stuff, big stuff, the kinda stuff that makes you go "woah, thats alot of stuff". We also are proud to announce the next parody is coming out in the next few weeks, along with a website re-vamp (including forums), and an Ascend website!

Welp, that's all the news that's fit to print! Be sure to check the updates thread for more in depth updates as they come out!
Hey everyone!

It’s been quite some time since the last news post, so let’s fix that! It’s become clear to me that the community is concerned about the dropping player count, this is normal in a growing server. Since we are currently in BETA, and clearly this is our first time ever running a network, we are feeling out how everything works! There are a lot of moving parts in a server network, and we feel this would be a good time to shed some light on the “Behind the Scenes” of running a server network, then talk about the future plans for the server!

With anything, the larger the mountain you wish to climb, the more complicated gear you need to make it to the top. So far these are the main things we have found are necessary to get this far with the network.


The staff are the foundation of the community, and the community the foundation of the server. Each staff member starts out as a dedicated player, each with a passion for the server and the players. The Staff’s job is to monitor player’s actions, and interactions on the server. It would be naive to think this is all they do. Staff not only help players in game, but in life, providing a social safe haven where those can be themselves. The server could never have gotten to this point without this family as its foundation. I would also like to take this moment to welcome our newest staff, Ross, Weezy, and Josh! Welcome to the family guys!


There is a common misconception that the only development is simply “Games”. There is also a misconception as to the speed at which this development can take place. There are 3 types of development that you will find on the server.

Game Development

The games you play on the server.

System Development

The back-end of the server, Statistics, Game Joining, Friend Systems, Etc!

System Administration

The management of the hardware, and software that allows us to do what we do.

Web Development

The management and...
Hey guys!

So as some of you may have noticed, we have had some people making videos on the server! This is not only a huge help to the server, but incredibly gratifying! Now the question is, who are your favorite Minecraft Youtubers? Big or small, be sure to list them all, as we will reach out to them and give them "Youtuber" rank on the server ( If they produce quality content)! If you guys want your favorite Youtubers to record on the server, be sure to mention it in the comment section of their videos!

Here is one of my favorite videos recorded on the server! What's yours?

Now, lets talk about some things that you guys can expect in the near future! Many of you guys asked for it, so we are adding it, Kit PVP. Now like all things we do on Nirvana, normal KIT PVP just wasn't good enough. So we added crazy Kit Abilities, Kill Streaks, Leveling System, and some other crazy twists! You can expect "Crusade", in the upcoming days. Be sure to respond with any kits and abilities, kill streaks, or any other things you would like to add! Be sure to tag @Spawl in your suggestions! Here is a sneak peek of the "Crusade" Map built by the "Ascend" build team!

Finally, its time we talk about Players! So I'm sure you have all wanted to jump into a game of Survival Games, or maybe a round of Draw My Thing, but there just simply aren't enough players. We are working very hard on plans to advertise the server, but if you have any suggestions on where you find your servers, be sure to tell us! As a result of a lack of players, this also means a lack of funds. You don't need to worry about Nirvana going down, because of course we planned for a slow start, and are in it for the long run. This does mean however, that you will notice more things being monetized on the...
We have officially launched into public BETA this Saturday! That said, we thought this would be the perfect time to talk about what will be added in the near future!

We are planning on adding a lot of new features and games before official launch! Currently all features within the Nirvana Menu are working perfectly with the exception of the "JukeBox" and the "Party" system! These will be added within the next few weeks. After these features have been added our main focus will be games and specified updates to different features on the server!

Currently we have Sploof, Survival Games, and Draw My Thing. You may have noticed while looking in the game selector that there are quite a few empty spots, and for good reason! We have lots of ideas and plans for future games, but if you have any suggestions be sure to post them in the "Minigame Idea" thread! Some games you can expect to release during the month of November are...

"Arcade" - collection of fun mini games that continuously loop in none stop fun!

"Rush" - A combination of KIT PVP and roll play! Complete Quests while battling your opponents 24/7! With supply drops and map events, leveling system, this is the perfect game for any PVP fanatic!

"Ascend" - One of the things we pride our self's in on the NirvanaNetwork are our superior maps. So we will be launching our build team "Ascend" along with a public creative server... Here is some information about ascend!

The Ascend Build Team, founded by NirvanaMC, is an amiable build team deeply rooted in organic styles and natural portrayal of fantasy design. To uphold the values of our build team we strive to perfect our work, while maintaining a riveting environment for new and experienced builds alike.

For more updates be sure to follow @AscendBT and @NirvanaNetwork on twitter!

[Secret Game] - We are also working on a revolutionary new game... Tho due to the uncertainty of the development process we are hesitant to put any...
It all started January 11th 2014, as all great ideas do, with a dazed outreach to a best friend..."".

After 257 days, dozens of people, and more mistakes than we can count, a feeling of accomplishment washes over us. Our journey is far from over, but we are far from where we started. From the base of a mountain the peak is distant, seemingly unreachable, but with drive and determination you can achieve anything you put your heart, soul, and blood into. Looking down, its easy to see better routes, hard to fathom why you never quit. We gain strength, courage, and confidence in every moment, of every day.

Success is continuing when you could stop, accomplishment is the total of your victories, and confidence is the scar of your failures. I truly hope, from the bottom of my heart, that one day we will look back on this journey, and know that it has forever shaped our character. Failure isn't an option... simply because we have already won.