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What's going on brochachos!​
I have some very exciting news for you guys! So as promised, there have been some major changes within the management of the server. As a result, you guys can expect a lot of new games over the next few weeks.

So what are these changes?
Well the first thing is that @Wubs is now in charge of the Minigames. Our plan is to have a new game released atleast every 2 weeks, along with updates, and constant bug fixes to pre-existing gamemodes. Yes, our goal is to release 2 new games a month. Alot of you may still be waiting on arcade, and to be honest I can't tell you what is going to happen with it. The most likely scenario is that Arcade will need to be completely redone by @Wubs, and released at some point further down the line. Along with @Wubs taking over the Minigames, we are also completely redoing our core systems. This includes Chat, Friends, Parties, Messaging, Banning, Etc. The new system is called O.A.S.I.S, and is already being implemented on new games. You can expect the new system to be on every server by the end of the month, with many updates and changes happening throughout September.

What are the new games?
Well, some of you may have already seen it, but we recently released a game called "Red Vs. Blue". This game was designed as a testing ground for our new systems, and create a base to build off of in future games (chat, rewards, mechanics etc). It just so happens that I personally really enjoy the game, and with some tweaking and refinement, it is now a public gamemode. The idea is a incredibly simple, endless team based PVP gamemode, with auto balancing, and a very simple objective... kill the other color. The game is perfect for practicing your PVP, before going into battle on one of our more serious PVP gamemodes. The next game that will be released is "Walls", which you can...

Hey Brochachos,
So let's talk about the lag that has been going on with Skyblock, and see if we can work together to make a more enjoyable environment for everyone to play in!

First, let me just note, that I am all for huge redstone machines. In fact I've built some pretty big ones back in the day #AFKHeaven

But the issue is, they cause a ton of lag... and you guys on skyblock are just insane! Countrary to popular belief, you can't just "upgrade" the server to stop lag. As it is, Skyblock Forest runs on its own 128gb SSD, 64gb of ram, with a Intel Xeon E5-1620v2 at 3.9GHZ dedicated server (that's a big computer). So I wanted to make a little PSA on how to reduce lag, while still getting the same yield from your crazy farms!

At NirvanaMC we try to save the golems. This initiative is lead by BoBo in the Hub. We ask that you use water channels instead of hoppers.

We get it, you like to go fast. But do you really need a 20 tick per second clock to harvest 1 pumpkin? Try using longer times!

Covering your redstone decreases lighting updates. This can help with both client and server lag. Try covering your redstone, or making sure its well lit with torches or glowstone!​
BUD stands for Block Update Detector. This means that your redstone activates when the plants grow, not on a clock. Instead of having your farms on a timer, try using bud designs to decrease lag.​

Instead of throwing your items on the ground, throw them in lava! It helps decrease the amount of...​
Hey Brochachos,
As some of you may know, before I created the network, I ran a small youtuber only SMP server called BlockMayhem. We took every precaution not to have any issues, we would take backups, save inventory files, and yet every now and then the map would become corrupt, and we would reset. I'm sure this is no unfamiliar tale for any of you who have tried running your own servers.

We take the same precautions with Cubed, but on a whole different level. We have a dedicated server, whose sole job is to take backups of all of our infrastructure so if anything happens we can immediately roll it back. We force save inventory files, and worlds, have plugins that detect corrupt chunks and fix them before they spread. So please know that we do everything in our power to prevent map corruptions and data loss.

The issue is, when you have a server that has had over 40,000 unique players join, all with their own chests, inventories, houses and the like, we reach the limits of Minecraft. The CubedChaos directory is 60GB, with the map alone being 30GB. That's pretty freaking huge. So the error that occurred was simply the base server code, having a malfunction. Because of this, the backup system took backups of the corrupt versions.

We were able to locate a backup that did not have this malfunction, unfortunately it was over two weeks old. Never the less, we set to work replacing corrupt chunks, and working to minimize loss. In total 6 houses where destroyed, and 100's if not 1,000's saved. Unfortunately we were unable to save inventories.

We will be adding a "Compensation Crate" which will have a bunch of items, to try to help get you back on track and continue like nothing happened. Trust me, nothing makes me more upset than when things like this happen, but we are working around the clock to get it all sorted for you.

My question to you is, what would you like to be in the...

Hey brochachos,
It's been a while since the last update, which means that I have been neglecting my responsibilities. So let's start this out with an apology. I haven't been running the network the way that it should be run. I've let developers get off track, relationships broken, and a total lack of communication. So starting today, I will try to run the network to the standards that you guys have come to expect, and deserve.

Now that's out of the way, let's get into the good stuff. So in the past few weeks, there have been quite a few things that have happened within the network. Lot's of updates, fixes, and planning. So let's go everything that has been added, and then let's talking about what will be coming in the near future.

Ascend v.2
The Ascend server has been completely redone. So be sure to pop on and showcase your creative abilities. The goal of the server is to harbor creativity, and allow a place for builders to improve their skills. As you progress, you access different worlds and levels, and with some hard work and determination you can make it all the way onto the Ascend team.

Here's the teams info if you want to stay up to date with everything Ascend!

Skyblock 2.0
So we have added a new member to the NirvanaMC Managment Team. Some of you guys may have seen him here and there, working away making great changes and gamemodes. I would like to take this time to publicly welcome @Wubs to our family. @Wubs is in charge of CubedChaos, Skyblock, Prison, and Ascend. His latest project has been refining Skyblock, fixing bugs, and adding new content. If you want a complete list of changes to Skyblock you can check that out here (it may not be posted yet). Once everything...
What's going on all you beautiful people,
It's been a while since the last update, but we have some really awesome stuff in store for you guys. As many of you know, the Network has been around for a while, but as of recently we have stepped out from behind the curtains and made a real name for ourselves. We were so focused on making new games for you guys, we never got a chance to go through and polish the foundation of the network. I'm sure you guys have noticed there are missing features, bugs, network lag and downtime. Well, with school coming to a close, we can finally dedicate the time to polish the network before we do our next major release. We have two new Major gamemodes planned to release in July, along with CubedChaos, Ascend, and Skyblock being redone (no, there will not be a map reset). In order for that to happen we need your help!

Summary -
Before the next big release, we want to polish off the network. Add any basic features you guys want, fix any bugs or permission issues, rectify any downtime, and just make the network better as a whole.

Your Job -
We need you guys to find and post as many bugs as possible. This includes but is not limited to -

Map Defects
Msg Mistakes
Feature Suggestions *Small things that you have come to expect from a minigame network IE Party System
Permission Issues
Feature Tweaks and Fixes
Any "Coming Soon" items that aren't complete

You will post these all in the "Bugs" section of the forums, even the Feature suggestions. Please put a TAG in the title of your forum post for what the bug is related to. For example, if there is a bug in crusade you would put the tag [CRUSADE] *Bug Title*.

1st Place - $250 in our store.
2nd Place - $150 in our store.
3rd Place - $100 in our store.
$500 in total prizes.

You will be awarded 1 point for every valid bug/feature that you post in the bugs section of the forums. Duplicates will not be counted. If two people post the same bug,...
Hello you wonderful people!

So KingPin Prison has been released on the Network and we hope you all love it as much as we do!
Prison has amazing aspects from 26 ranks to go up through, purchasable cells and a range of exciting kits and tokens!
You can access Prison by using /warp Prison-1 or clicking the Iron Bars on the Compass!

And now the time has come to announce the winners of the Skyblock Competition!
We would like to thank all of you guys for working hard and entering, all the islands are beautiful and you should keep up the amazing work!

Here's the results!

First place: _Swift_, ImperfectManiac, MrSuperSalty - Winning a $50 coupon in our store each
Second place: Qwantum, Spawl - Winning a $25 coupon in our store each
Third place: TheApplePie - Winning a $15 coupon in our store each

All island members will get a voucher each.

Hope you guys had fun and keep an eye out for more fun events in the future! The amount of entries during this one was awesome and it's great to see you guys support each other.

- @Narnia filling in for @MrSuperSweet

*Winner's please PM MrSuperSweet on the forums to receive your voucher.*

What's up beautiful's!
So this week, we hit 200 players... on a monday. Monday's are a terrible day for everyone. I mean really terrible. School starts, YouTube views drop, player count drops, I heard it's Santa Clause's least favorite day. Yet for us, it was awesome. 200 people were playing on our network, our creation, something we have been building up for way, way too long... on a Monday!

All of that said, @Emily has brought it to our attention, that you guys may have some questions! Maybe the process we go through for a new game, who our developers are, how we manage everything, what's coming up next etc! So we will be holding our first community Q&A where myself, @Spawl , and many of the staff, Ascend Members, and the like will be here to answer your questions! Now, let's get into the details!

This Saturday (The 16th) at 3pm EST.
Our teamspeak (
Myself, @Spawl, and a bunch of other sexy people!
So to make everything go as smoothly as possible, there will be a very straight forward process to submitting, then asking your questions! You will submit your questions by tweeting @nirvananetwork with your question, then tagging who you would like to answer it, along with your teamspeak name. If your question is accepted, you will be unmuted, and you may verbally ask your question to the person! Once the question has been answered, you will be muted again and we will continue! If you don't have a twitter account, ask a friend to tweet it on your behalf!

No Swearing.
No Sexual Questions.
No being inappropriate.

You can ask personal questions, like what we do outside of running the network, our favorite color, or even what side of the bed we sleep on! Anything you would like to know about us!

See you there!
Hello everyone!
I want to start this off by thanking each and every one of you. We hit 290 players this weekend, and it was truly awesome. I want to thank Logdotzip for showcasing the server, and all his gracious fans for playing on and supporting the server. With all the new people enjoying skyblock we thought we should do our very first competition! So let's get right into it!

Competition ID - Top Skyblock Island
Dates - May the 11th - May the 22nd
Rewards - 1st. $50 coupon in our store *For each island member
2nd. $25 coupon in our store *For each island member
3rd. $15 coupon in our store *For each island member

Judging -
Your island will be judged by the following rubric.

Functionality x/10 (Organization of farms, storage, pathways, etc.)
Farms x/10 (Size and variety of farms.)
Innovation x/10 (Unique systems, farms, methods, etc.)
Buildings x/10 (Houses, Barns, Etc.)
Creativity x/10 (Themes, Aesthetics, Etc.)
The Islands will be out of 50 points!

Submission -
To submit your island, take at least 5 screenshots and post them in a thread on the forums. If you want to, you can upload a video in place of the screenshots, or in addition to them. If you post a video to be sure to tweet it @NirvanaNetwork, as well as post it in your thread. Be sure to put [Competition] in your thread title! Post your threads here.

The winners will be announced on the forums, and via twitter. The winners will be contacted via direct message on the forums so be sure to check your inbox!

We have lots of new things planned for next weekend, so be sure to stay updated for the rest of May MADneSS!

Hello Ladies and Gents!
It's my pleasure to announce that we will be releasing Skyblock as part of the NirvanaNetwork in preparation for "May MADneSS".

You are probably thinking to yourself, "Super have you gone insane?! What the heck is May MADneSS!". Well, May MADneSS is a term, that I just created, trademarked, copyrighted, and well... claim, that symbolizes the crazy updates coming to our network in preparation for... you guessed it... May MADneSS.

But what is it?! Well I'm glad I asked. The Network has big plans for May, huge plans, the biggest of the biggest of plans, I'm talking Dinosaur level plans. We will be having at least 3 new game modes, constant updates, and best of all... players! We have tons of promotion lined up, which should bring us to around 500 players (and thats low balling it). You will see lot's of your favorite you tubers, tons of people, updates, and you will think to yourself... ho-ly poo balls.

As you can tell I'm pretty excited, and you should be too! So let's go over all the crazy things we plan on having for May MADneSS.

Numero Uno: Zombies!
Yes, we plan on having zombies completely finished, bug tested, polished and ready for May... MADneSS.
Number 2: New Hub
All those crazy hub updates you guys have seen?! Welp they were for May MADneSS!
Number 4-1= x: Prisons!
Yes we will be adding prisons to our network! We will put our beautiful spin on it as always so don't worry your pretty little faces off about it being boring!
3 Number: Skyblock!
Yes, Skyblock is coming to Nirvana!

We have some projects that may or may not make it for may... MADneSS, those include -

(Yes a new factions, we aren't too happy with the one we have now!)

But wait, there's more! For the low low price of replying to this thread with your username, you can Privately test Skyblock!

Skyblock is currently in what we like...
Hey guys,
@Spawl and Myself have been working on "Nirvana" for over a year. We have accomplished amazing things, we created something where people are willing to spend their time. A place where roads that where never meant to meet, have. We've created websites, hundreds of thousands of line of code, amazing artwork, builds, and infrastructure. Not to mention our more direct charity work, but the life's we have helped.

We have been working extremely hard to get the network ready for summer. One of the things that has been done recently has been our hub.

Snow Brawl Hub Game
PVP Island Hub Game
Sheep Shooter Hub Game
Parkour 1-3
Do Not Press Button
Funzone Revamp
21 New Gadgets
VIP Island
Punch Sheep
Easter eggs

and more...

All of the above has been completed by our new fantastic developer @DotTyler . Tyler will be taking on a more vital roll on the server, so if you see him be sure to say hi! Be sure to say hi to him if you see him around, as he will be working on all the major projects on Nirvana! Some of his upcoming projects include Zombies, and UHC. We are extremely excited to welcome Tyler to the Nirvana family, and look forward to the great things to come. Be sure to follow him on twitter for updates!

@Spawl will be working on back end infrastructure such as banning, servers, and behind the scenes things that make the server tick! Though if there are any game related bugs, make sure to post them in the bugs section of the forum, and they will be most likely answered by Tyler!

We have some very big plans leading up to May, and have lots of promotion planned! So be sure to stay tuned for the next few days, as you will see many new game modes pop up!

Welp that's all the news that's fit to print! We look forward to the new things to come! If any of you know any great developers, be sure to shoot me an email