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This is just a quick update to let y'all know what is going on until our normal post on Sunday.

Yesterday the server went through a major update. A lot of things will NOT be working right away.
It will take wubs a few days to get all ranks/perks working correctly.

  • If you find any bugs, please report them to the bugs section of the forums here.
  • If your rank is missing or if you have the wrong rank, please email support: [email protected]
Please be patient as everything gets back into working order.
As always, if you have any questions. Do not hesitate to contact a staff member.
I'm not really sure how to start this off, if I'm being honest I never thought I would ever need to write one of these types of posts. But here we are, 2 years since the launch of the network talking about the plan for the future.

If I'm being honest, today was the greatest day. It started off by being linked just a totally ill informed youtube video pointing out how the server is dying, and then another pointing out all it's flaws. I've had players throw hate my way for years now and it never got to me until today.

We built this network when Kyle and I were 16, and we had no idea what we were doing. Mistake after mistake we slowly learned, yet now we are constantly dealing with the mistakes of our past selfs.

I poured my heart and soul into this network, doing what I thought was best to make it big. I became so focused on making it big I lost focus on what really mattered, how this all started, which was just a simple SMP server for me and my friends to have fun on.

No matter how anyone puts it, I don't think we've failed. This network hit over 400 players, which is more than most owners could even dream of.

So here we are two years later, my life getting more and more hectic and time for the network growing less and less. I can honestly say, this is the first time I've felt lost. Not knowing which direction to take with the network, what moves to play. I feel like a cornered queen in a game of chess.

we feel like it's time to move on, to do other things with our life and take on other ventures. My brain says to let this go, but my heart says to hang onto it.

All that said, I'm probably just a bit depressed because I let the hate get to me today and I'm sure after a night's sleep I'll look back and think how stupid this post was but I feel although I should give you guys a window into the mind of Super.

PS if you guys have any advice feel free to shoot it my way :)
Hello everyone! We apologize for the late post. Narnia and myself were out sick this weekend.
We hope everyone had a great weekend!

We have some major changes to announce.

Staff Changes!

  • MrSuperSweet has resigned from Owner. However, he will still remain as part of the staff team.
  • Wubs has been promoted to Owner. He will also be keeping his position as Head Developer.
We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team!

Click here to apply

Click here to view all staff changes

Lone Survivor!


Lone Survivor has now moved from Nirvana and has become it’s own Network.
Do not fret! Lone Survivor is still a part of Nirvana, but as a “Sister” Network.

  • Ranks do not transfer to this new Network. It is an entirely new server with it’s very own ranks and store.
  • We are currently working on completing the new forums so make sure to keep an eye out at
  • Lone Survivor will have it’s very own staff team. Be sure to look out for the new application to apply for staff on Lone Survivor! (Staff ranks do not transfer between servers and will need to be approved)
To play on the new Lone Survivor...

Good day everyone! We hope you are all having a Happy Valentines Day!
We only have a few minor updates to talk about this week.

Staff Changes!
This week we have a new addition to the staff team and two promotions!
  • Earlier this week, we welcomed TurnipThePenguin to the team as a new Helper!
We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team!

Click here to apply

Click here to view all staff changes

PeteZahHutt LiveStreams!
Pete has been streaming his series on Lone Survivor. You don’t want to miss it! Check out his stream footage here!
For updates on when he will be streaming, check out his twitter here.

Lone Survivor!


Welcome to the bulk of this week's updates.

  • Banks were recoded. If you find any further bugs, please report them to the forums or a staff member so a Developer can be notified.
  • Mega Drops were added. Spawns are announced in the chat with an ever diminishing countdown....

Hello, everyone! We hope you are all having an amazing weekend.
We have some fantastic news for you!

Staff Changes!
This week we have a new addition to the staff team and two promotions!

  • Grrim has been promoted to Mod+
  • Zoro has been promoted to Mod+
  • Finally, let us welcome ITSAAWGOOD as our new Helper!
We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team!

Click here to apply.

Click here to view all staff changes.

PeteZahHutt & Mr Crainer Commentates are in the HOUSE!


Let’s welcome back PeteZahHutt to Nirvana. Pete will be returning to do a series on Lone Survivor. You can find him on Lone Survivor West.
Check out his YouTube commentary of Lone Survivor

Let us also welcome Mr. Crainer to Nirvana! He was last spotted playing Zombies. So head over to Zombies to join in the fun.
Check out his YouTube commentary of Zombies

As some of you may have noticed, Crusade has been offline for a few days.

Do not fret! Crusade will be returning after some much needed maintenance.
We will keep y’all posted as Crusade progresses.


Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend. So this week we have some important updates and changes to the server.

Staff Changes!
  • Naskel has stepped down as Community Manager.
  • Narnia has been promoted to Community Manager.
  • Ordaine has been promoted to Community Manager.
  • GuyFromHellMC has joined the Nirvana Family as our newest Developer!
No new helpers this week, but do not let that deter you.
We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team!

Click here to apply

Click here for all staff changes

Lone Survivor!


Lone Survivor got a major overhaul.
  • A new map has been added! The world is bright, beautiful and full of things to discover! This new map includes custom trees, terrain and an entirely new currency system based on the skulls of your fallen foes.
  • New supply drop items were added. Run on down to the Head Hunter to claim your supply drop. It is full of amazing items ranging from armor, tools, potions and more!
  • Outposts have been set around the world that will spawn random supply drops. Will you make it in time to collect your rewards?
  • The Donor Shop is...
Hey everyone

Here comes another weeks worth of changes to the network! We've mostly focused on optimizing our existing games and looking into ways on how we can improve our existing games and features.

Lone Survivor
This was the secret game announced last week! Lone Survivor just entered a public beta where we hope to iron out the last bugs and improve game play as much as possible. The game is based around vanilla survival and you can trade skulls for in-game items or perks. You can join the game through the hub!


Some of you know this game already, it's a previous game we used to host on the network and it's finally making it's return to the network. It's a game based on COD Zombies, with guns, mobs and different waves. We are currently working on fixing it up and making sure it's stable and optimized before relaunching it.

The new version of Crusade have been launched and replaced the old Crusade! Crusade received a huge code overhaul and is now more optimized and stable. We also added a new anticheat system which is still undergoing improvements. All your kits, stats and so on have been carried over, however if you find any bugs - Please report them and we'll look into fixing them as soon as possible.

We have recently rolled out new sets of punishments for the various rules. Effectively the punishments have now gotten harsher to help us remove hackers and cheaters from the server quicker. Permanent bans will now be a lot more frequent. With these changes we hope to create a more enjoyable and fair environment for you all.

That's all for this week, stay tuned for more next time!

Take care
Hey everyone

Another week has passed and I'm back with a new pack of updates!
Most of the week have been spent optimizing and improving our games, however we also have some new, interesting news!

Community Q&A

Last week we held an AMA in our teamspeak server! We had a great showing and answered questions for over an hour! I'm extremely happy with the turnout and we had some great questions! Sadly I know some of you missed it, but fear not! I recorded the whole thing and uploaded it on our very own soundcloud!

Listen to it here:

Survival Games
Survival Games didn't live up to the standards we are looking for the network, as for now - Survival Games will be disabled from the network until we've improved the gameplay and fixed any pending issues.

Crusade has have some kit related bugs for a while and they are been long overdue for getting fixed. One of our devs are working on a full recode of Crusade, we hope the new version will be much more smooth and better optimized.
Maps, kits, and all other data will be saved and carried over once this happens.

Secret new game
We have started working on a secret new gamemode and we can't wait to tell you more about it! It will be tough to survive and you better prepare your PvP skills!

Other cool stuff
On top of all this, we have a bunch of other awesome goodies coming your way very soon! We are extremely excited for the next few weeks for Nirvana so expect great things!

Thanks for playing!
Have a good one,

Hello everyone!

I'm back again with some updates!
I hope you all survived New Years and are ready to spend 2016 With NirvanaMC - We have big plans in store!

Cubed Chaos
If you didn't notice yet, Cubed recieved a massive overhaul and has been reset with a brand new custom map! We are very impressed by the player count. Due to that, we decided to upgrade the hardware.
Cubed will now run on it's completely own dedicated server meaning it will be a lot more powerful and we will be able to increase the player slots while having no lag.

Forums Update
Forums have also gotten a slight update!
We have added a few now subforums, games now have a section for Factions and Dungeon Crawl. And below NirvanaMC Server, you'll find Off-Topic and Other Games
Off-Topic is for discussions you normally wouldn't know where to place, for example if you want to talk about your holiday or something like that.
Other games is where you can share your passion for other games than Minecraft or discuss whether or not to buy a game.

(Re)Introducing Arcade
Recently we've added quite a few new minigames and the hub is starting to look a bit cluttered with all the NPCs. We are therefore adding a arcade lobby which will function as a secondary hub for minigames only.
You'll be able to join the arcade from the hub.

New Addition: Player Notification
If someone types your full username in chat, you will get a sound notification. It's primary purpose is to make staff pays attention to chat when necessary. The sound effect, has a cooldown to prevent spam. Please make sure you have enabled noteblock sound effects in order to hear the sound.

Community Q&A
Wednesday, January 6th 2016 at 4 PM EST, that's 9 PM GMT. I will be hosting a community Q&A on teamspeak.
I will be on teamspeak answering questions for at least an hour. However if you're unable to make the event, you can tweet your questions at...
Hello everyone!

It's me again with another great update! This time around I have some really exciting news that we've been working on in secret for the past several weeks.

Cubed 2.0
Cubed is getting a huge overhaul! Our developers have spent weeks remaking the server and together with our build team, Cygnus - We've created a brand new Cubed Chaos server where everything you know from Cubed has been tweaked and perfecting into a beautiful new server.
Cubed will have a huge 25000 x 25000 block custom map with stunning terrain.
We also got a completely new set of core plugins to prevent crashing and lag issues. Cubed brings a ton of awesome features, some of them are, land protection, spawn plots,

The expected opening of the new cubed is January 1st 2016.
OBS: It will have a complete inventory and map reset!

Build Contest Winners
The contest have ended and I want to thank you all for an amazing turnout! Lots of entries have been made and it's quite the challenge to judge them!
Although we used we could name you all winners, we sadly could only pick three! After much voting and giving out points, we've determined the winners!

3rd place goes to...
Winner of 10000 Nuggets!

2nd place goes to..
Winner of 25000 Nuggets!

1st place goes to...
Winner of 50000 Nuggets!

Please contact @Wubs for getting your nuggets.
I encourage you all to go onto the server and check out the builds as the pictures don't do them enough justice, very amazing builds!

That's all for this week! I hope you had a good christmas and got lots of great gifts!