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Ahoy Maties!

We are currently looking for our next spawn for this coming season of Cubed Chaos.
Below you will see screenshots of 5 potential spawns we may use.

Cast your vote for which spawn you think would best fit Cubed!

Note: #1, #2, #3 all buildings are accessible(you can go inside).
There are crates, portals, sign area, shop.
#1 is the only one with a Pvp area.

#4 and #5 the castles are solid, there is only a crate area.

We will also be changing parts of the build and adding certain things.
It won't be "as is" when cubed goes live ;)

Votes will close Saturday!

Happy voting :p





Hey guys! Welcome to 2017. We are gearing up to bring you guys a brand new season of Cubed Chaos!

This brings me to a question, Ive been working on a new map, this map contains 300 new biomes, new fortresses, diffrent ore distribution, etc. overall, a different SMP experience.

So, should this map be the main Cubed Chaos map? or a separate donor only world for Cubed Chaos ?
Hello everyone!

It has been awhile since we have done a post like this and due to the influx of helper applications, I think a nice little guide for filling out helper applications would be of great help.

So first off, let us all welcome our four new helpers to the team!

  • ShiftyShift
  • ItsTacoTime (Formally ZoomBug)
  • 0minous_
  • MoneyT20
All applications have been answered and closed. If you didn't get accepted this time, do not worry!
Wait a few weeks and try again!

*Be sure to read the rest of this post to get a few pointers on how to better your next application.*

So let us start on this "Guide."

Before you even begin filling out an application. You should consider:

  • Am I NEW to the the server? - We do not accept players that have been on the server for less than one month on the server. This is so you can get to know the community and staff.
  • How ACTIVE am I on the server? - In order for you to have a chance at staff, you have to be on the server quite often. (We do take into account school and work).
  • Do I TALK to the other players and staff? - One of the key elements we look for are players that actively talk to other players either via teamspeak or chat. We don't want someone on the team that doesn't know our community or want to take the time to get to know our current staff.
  • What do I do to HELP out the server? - We look for players that actively help other players and assist our staff. We want players that are willing to prove to us they want to help just to help. (Trust me, we know the difference between helping to help and helping to get something out of it).
  • What does my HISTORY look like?...
Hello, everyone! It has been quite some time since we have posted some updates, we have some great news in-store for you!

Staff Changes!

  • Gandolf2121 (Wrotten) has been promoted to Mod!
  • ImShaen has moved from the Lone Survivor staff and has joined the Nirvana staff team as a Helper!
  • Komo is back!
  • AtLobster has been demoted.
We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team!

Click here to apply

Click here to view all staff changes

Cubed Chaos


In just a few short days, the next season of Cubed Chaos will begin! July 15th! We hope everyone is as excited as we are. This new Cubed includes the old spawn from two seasons ago, the GIANT staff treehouse, a pvp colosseum, and more!

  • This map has been updated to 1.9! This means End Cities, Dragon Heads, Elytra, and more!
  • Land Protection has been removed. However, you can still lock important blocks, such as spawners, with signs.
  • New Fort Blocks have been added. A custom coded block which spawns a 5x5 house which includes a chest and a crafting table for a quick starter base or a base on the go!
  • Weather...
Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know, the next season of Cubed Chaos starts on Friday, July 15th!
This season will feature a more Vanilla feeling map, as well as the previous Cubed season spawn!

If you have any suggestions or questions for the new season of cubed, leave them here!


Q.Will i lose my items/house?
A.This is a new season, the map and inventories will be reset!

Q.Whats new with the next season?
A. we are doing away with land prot, and adding in some new exciting features! new crates, vote rewards, and a bunch of other things!

Q. Will there be a beta?
A. Yes, keep your eyes peeled for a Donor only, and then public beta test in the next few days!

Hey guys! in celebration of July 4th, you can take an extra 30% off everything in our store! Today and tomorrow only!
The discount will apply as you check out. Now is the best time to stock up on nuggets, or get that rank you've always wanted

Check out the store to view the deals,
Hey guys! I'm excited to be able to give you a date for the full release of Skyblock Voyage!
Skyblock Voyage will open publicly on the 20th of June 2016!

- Balanced economy
- Difficult challenges
- New Crates
- New shop
- New donor kits
- A core that will allow us to add prestige at a later time!

Q. Will my workers transfer?
A. Yes

Q. Will my*insert item/money* transfer?
A. No, 'consumable goods' will not be transferred.

Q.Whats happening with Forest and Ultimate?
A. We are going to leave skyblock forest, and ultimate open until June 27th, however they will be removed from the game selector, and votes/purchases will go to skyblock voyage instead starting on the 20th.

Hello Players!

This summer the Nirvana Network is ready for action. Over the past year Nirvana has worked hard to combine the best of our game modes into one network. We’ve built an entirely new hub, worked hard to be 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10 compatible and improved overall game-play. Come and play like never before with the classic Cubed Chaos, Lone Survivor, Skyblock Voyage, and newly released Towny. Not to mention the re-launch of the much loved Crusade game-mode.

Nirvana has long been a PvP community. Minecraft as a whole has come a long way, and with the new combat updates came the heartbreaking realization that our favorite PvP game-modes would need work, and a lot of it. Our main concern has always been quality. We temporarily took down the buggy servers, and have worked endlessly to prepare them for a relaunch that would bring them back to their original glory. This is the time, this is the Summer! Prepare yourselves for a lot of updates, relaunches, and action.
It starts now.

  • New Season - Cubed’s next season starts soon! Early summer 2016!
  • New Map - Build yourself up from the bottom. Start from the beginning and rule them all.

  • Newly Released - Hyrealm Towny recently merged with the Nirvana Network
  • PvP, Economy, and RPG - This summer Towny is releasing epic updates to include in-depth questlines, faction PvP (arena, 1v1, teams), dungeons for legendary drops custom weapons and armor.

  • Newly Released - Combining the best of our skyblock servers into one, epic server
  • Stronger Economy - Well balanced, tested and true.
  • Epic Crates - Newly released crates. These will contain unique items and tools.

  • 1.9 -1.10 ready!
  • Late summer 2016


Watch our newest animation here:
NirvanaMc now supports 1.10 clients on most games!
Towny, Creative, and Parkour, are still being updated, and are currently 1.8 or 1.9 only.
Hey, guys! Quick update on the behind the scenes stuff going on at Nirvana!

NirvanaMc can be a busy place. It's not easy for everyone to stay up to date on what's happening and what our plans are for the network. So I wanted to give you guys a little peak at some of the cool things coming this summer!

Skyblock will be receiving an update! You can view more details here:

There is no official date yet, but we will launch the new Skyblock when it's ready. We will give you at least 2 weeks notice so you can gather your thoughts and capture some screen shots of your old islands.​
Nuggets are back! Most games already have both a way to earn and spend Nuggets! You can earn nuggets by playing our games or check out our store and pick some up View your nuggets in game with /Nuggets.​
Funzone will be returning to Nirvana very soon. The Funzone will have particles, hats and a few other fun things for use on all of our Network's games! You can preview the Funzone in the hub with /funzone!​

If you guys have any questions or comments on any of this, leave a message in this thread.