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Test your parkour skills and see how far you can run in our endless parkour mode.


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  • Ordaine

    Next Cubed Spawn

    Posted Nov 2, 2017

    Hello everyone! The next season of Cubed Chaos is quickly approaching. We are looking for our next spawn. Please vote at the link below at which spawn you would prefer seeing this coming season. Voting ends in 24 hours! #1 - [IMG] #2 - [ATTACH]

  • Ordaine

    Updates Everywhere!

    Posted Mar 6, 2017

    Hello my fellow Nirvanians! Long time not talk. We have some awesome updates to share with y’all! Staff Changes! Komo, Grim, and lilwo are no longer with us. Current Staff Team Wubs - Owner HyKurtis - Developer Narnia - Manager Ordaine - Manager FartingHero - Admin+ Insomniac(Dark) - Admin Ninjabree - Mod+ Zoro - Mod+ Ashxun - Mod LittleEcho(DarkEchoBlade) - Mod LazyMilk - Mod Impmon - Mod Narp - Mod Phyrework - Mod Ptolemy(Lord_Asriel/EdgyKetchup) - Mod ShiftyShift - Mod SmilingSlimeGuy - Mod ZeRoyalBudder - Helper We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team! Click here to apply Click here to view all staff changes Click here to see some helpful tips for applying. Cubed Chaos [IMG] Welcome to Cubed Chaos Season 10!!! This season of Cubed we can welcome back one of the most requested plugins as well as awesome new features. 1.11 - This means Llamas and all the other goodies that come with the brand new update! Land...

  • Wubs

    March update

    Posted Mar 3, 2017

    Hello everyone! March is here, and its time for some major updates! You may have noticed Cubed Chaos' 2017 season has just came out of beta. That means Cubed Chaos is fully ready to go! We will still be tweaking crate rewards, and donor perks over the next few weeks, but its fully playable :) A few of you have already been playing the new PvP gamemode, which takes place on Crusade's old map. This game, will continue to grow over the next few weeks as Kurtis develops it, one of the major things we are working on right now, is a custom anti-cheat. Remember to post feed back and ideas in the forums. Up next on the todo list will be a major Prison update! Stay tuned for more information on that as well. We appreciate all of our players, and look forward to an awesome Spring with every one of you. :D Wubs

  • HyKurtis


    Posted Mar 1, 2017

    Hello everyone! KitPvP is now in BETA and we are desperate for suggestions for kits and kill streaks! Come on and help us test it! To get on the server type "/server pvp" whilst on NirvanaMC. Competition The player with the most kills when we finish the beta will receive a free 10,000 nuggets! Good luck!

  • HyKurtis


    Posted Feb 24, 2017

    Hello everyone! I'm proud to announce a gamemode that will be coming to NirvanaMC in the near future! This game mode will be called "KitPvP", this game mode is a mixture between Crusade and the KitPvP game mode we had in march 2016. We're not quite sure on a release date for this game mode yet, but there will be an open BETA within the next few days to a week. Features: - Level and Prestige System - Kill Streaks - Kits - Leaderboard and more! Kits: Unlike crusade, the kits in this KitPvP game mode will be based around vanilla Minecraft. There are no "special abilities", all of the kits are using only items and potions. Kill Streaks: The same as kits, kill streaks are also vanilla based. Rewards you can get from kill streaks range from potions to better armor! Level and Prestige System: The level and prestige system in this KitPvP game mode is very similar to the old Crusade level and prestige system. There is 5 possible prestige's you can obtain and each one costs 50...


We made a video!

We hope you enjoy our fun-filled animated parody of Ellie Goulding "Burn". This video was made to bring some awesome content towards the fans of NirvanaMC, in preparation for the release of NirvanaMC.

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