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  • HyKurtis

    Welcome all PudgeCraft Players!

    Posted Mar 11, 2018

    Hey guys! In case you have been wondering, today I merged another server of mine into Nirvana. This server was a survival server, very similar to Cubed Chaos! From today, players from the PudgeCraft server will be forwarded to NirvanaMC, so expect to see some new friendly faces! I appreciate any one from Nirvana that attempts to make the players from my old server feel welcome, so if I see this going on in chat I'll be sure to thank you. Please note: Nirvana is staying as it is, only a few things from the other server have been implemented to Cubed such as guilds and more epic features to come, but as for the general server, rules and staff team, they are staying the same as they have been. Thank you, and welcome to everyone from PudgeCraft :) [IMG]

  • HyKurtis

    Economy on Cubed Chaos

    Posted Mar 5, 2018

    Hey guys, I'm writing this post to introduce the idea of an Economy on Cubed Chaos. I don't want to go ahead and make such a change without the community having a say on it. Because of this, there is a poll where you can vote on this. Here is a list of just a few of the things that will become possible on Cubed Chaos if we introduce an economy. 1. Even better player trading. With an economy we can set up a better way for players to trade with each other. We could allow for players to purchase shop areas to set up a shop and sell their items to the community. 2. Server shops Similar to Skyblock, we would be able to create a way for players to purchase and sell resources from a server shop. This server shop would have a stock system, so items would never be "created", but rather exchanged with other players. For an example, if a player sold 100 logs, the stock of logs would be increased by 100, allowing another player to purchase 100 logs, but when the shop is out of stock they...

  • Ordaine

    Skyblock Build Challenge

    Posted Feb 7, 2018

    Hello beautiful people! Yes, you heard right! Two challenges in one week. If you are bored of making cookies on Cubed, hop over and spruce up your island. Details This challenge is for "Best Looking/Functioning" island, hosted by our very own Schottie! You will be judged on: How presentable your island looks. How "fancy" your spawn is. How well you integrated aesthetics into your farms. (they not only have to function, but look good too) Prizes 1st Place - 20k nuggets, 10 Legendary keys and a top tier worker. 2nd Place - 5 Legendary keys and a second tier worker. 3rd Place - 3 Legendary keys and a third tier worker. This challenge starts TODAY and ends February 14th. [ATTACH] Something new is on the horizon...

  • Ordaine

    Cookie Challenge V2

    Posted Feb 5, 2018

    Hello everyone! A new challenge has arrived for Cubed Chaos! The Cookie Challenge V2 The goal of this challenge is to gather 1 Million cookies! Unlike last time, there are no deposit chests. We have a fancy new command. Simply type /TakeMyCookies to deposit all cookies from your inventory into the "Cookie Jar". If you want to see the current progress of cookies gathered, type /Cookies. [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Prizes have yet to be determined, but if you have some ideas for possible rewards let us know either in a comment below or in #suggestions on our server Discord! Staff Changes! Hykurtis is now an Owner Lolimage (Aka Darkblade) is now an Admin+ Impmon is now an Admin Ashxun is now an Admin Narp is now a Mod+ Luxfortis, Grim_, and APickledWalrus are now Mods And last, but not least, Schottie is now our Builder Current Staff Team Wubs - Owner HyKurtis - Owner/Developer Zoro - Developer Narnia - Manager Ordaine - Manager FartingHero - Admin+ Lolimage(Dark) - Admin+...

  • Ordaine

    Server Revamp Launch Date

    Posted Dec 13, 2017

    Hello everyone, you may have noticed the server has been down for quite some time... We've been going through some very much needed updates! Cubed and Skyblock have been completely revamped and updated to 1.12 as well as other exciting new features have been added. Here are some sneak peaks of the spawns. We shall post a more in-depth update in the near future highlighting new features and such. THE SERVER WILL GO LIVE TO ALL PLAYERS THIS SATURDAY. December 16th, 5pm EST! Cubed [IMG] [IMG] Skyblock [IMG] [IMG]


We made a video!

We hope you enjoy our fun-filled animated parody of Ellie Goulding "Burn". This video was made to bring some awesome content towards the fans of NirvanaMC, in preparation for the release of NirvanaMC.

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