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  • Ordaine

    Cubed Chaos New Spawn!

    Posted Feb 9, 2017

    Ahoy Maties! We are currently looking for our next spawn for this coming season of Cubed Chaos. Below you will see screenshots of 5 potential spawns we may use. Cast your vote for which spawn you think would best fit Cubed! Note: #1, #2, #3 all buildings are accessible(you can go inside). There are crates, portals, sign area, shop. #1 is the only one with a Pvp area. #4 and #5 the castles are solid, there is only a crate area. We will also be changing parts of the build and adding certain things. It won't be "as is" when cubed goes live ;) Votes will close Saturday! Happy voting :p 1. [IMG] [IMG] 2. [IMG] [IMG] 3. [IMG] 4. [IMG] 5. [IMG]

  • Wubs

    Cubed Chaos' next season. Question for players.

    Posted Jan 3, 2017

    Hey guys! Welcome to 2017. We are gearing up to bring you guys a brand new season of Cubed Chaos! This brings me to a question, Ive been working on a new map, this map contains 300 new biomes, new fortresses, diffrent ore distribution, etc. overall, a different SMP experience. So, should this map be the main Cubed Chaos map? or a separate donor only world for Cubed Chaos ? [IMG]

  • Ordaine

    Helpers And Staff Applications

    Posted Sep 5, 2016

    Hello everyone! It has been awhile since we have done a post like this and due to the influx of helper applications, I think a nice little guide for filling out helper applications would be of great help. So first off, let us all welcome our four new helpers to the team! ShiftyShift ItsTacoTime (Formally ZoomBug) 0minous_ MoneyT20 All applications have been answered and closed. If you didn't get accepted this time, do not worry! Wait a few weeks and try again! *Be sure to read the rest of this post to get a few pointers on how to better your next application.* So let us start on this "Guide." Before you even begin filling out an application. You should consider: Am I NEW to the the server? - We do not accept players that have been on the server for less than one month on the server. This is so you can get to know the community and staff. How ACTIVE am I on the server? - In order for you to have a chance at staff, you have to be on the server quite often. (We do take...

  • Ordaine

    Some Much Needed Updates!

    Posted Jul 13, 2016

    Hello, everyone! It has been quite some time since we have posted some updates, we have some great news in-store for you! Staff Changes! Gandolf2121 (Wrotten) has been promoted to Mod! ImShaen has moved from the Lone Survivor staff and has joined the Nirvana staff team as a Helper! Komo is back! AtLobster has been demoted. We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team! Click here to apply Click here to view all staff changes Cubed Chaos [IMG] In just a few short days, the next season of Cubed Chaos will begin! July 15th! We hope everyone is as excited as we are. This new Cubed includes the old spawn from two seasons ago, the GIANT staff treehouse, a pvp colosseum, and more! This map has been updated to 1.9! This means End Cities, Dragon Heads, Elytra, and more! Land Protection has been removed. However, you can still lock important blocks, such as spawners, with signs. New Fort Blocks have been added. A custom coded block which...

  • Wubs

    Cubed Chaos, the next season!

    Posted Jul 6, 2016

    Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know, the next season of Cubed Chaos starts on Friday, July 15th! This season will feature a more Vanilla feeling map, as well as the previous Cubed season spawn! If you have any suggestions or questions for the new season of cubed, leave them here! FAQ: Q.Will i lose my items/house? A.This is a new season, the map and inventories will be reset! Q.Whats new with the next season? A. we are doing away with land prot, and adding in some new exciting features! new crates, vote rewards, and a bunch of other things! Q. Will there be a beta? A. Yes, keep your eyes peeled for a Donor only, and then public beta test in the next few days! [IMG]


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